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File: AddonUsage06-04-09
HUGE fan of Item Rack wish to help
Posted By: Shalandra
Hey Gello, I will not play wow with out your mod and I know you are a player first and was wondering if I could help in ANY way. I use curse as my prime source of addons. I would like at least permission to keep it updated on curse. I am not looking for any credit or recgonition, I just really love your mod ALOT. my druid would be...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)04-13-08
I have posted your work on Curse.com
Posted By: Shalandra
Since I love this mod and could not image being a druid with out it. And understanding the frustration of managing mods I Reposted Item rack to the curse.com website. So that their updater can help you now I only have the older version on but I will post the new 2.1e for the rest of you if you wish to use this route. Its a fan postin...