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File: Grid01-28-08
Archimonde and Fire Debuff
Posted By: MadCyc
Hey Need some really smart people to help me for a minute. We are on Archimonde i Hyjal atm. and i cant see on my grid when people get the fire-debuff (can get feared into them) it is a NON dispelleable but would be really nice to know as healer who has the debuff all the time so we can heal/HoT them. You can pm me anyti...
File: MikScrollingBattleText09-29-07
Triggers and 4.12
Posted By: MadCyc
Hi Mik Now I've been reading mass pages of this forum, and I'm sorry to say i cant fine any decent trigger help. Been enjoying this mod for a long time but now i am in need of a trigger that shows me "mace stun" on the screen. I saw the movie but it shows how you add a trigger in 4.0 (did the search and proceed and it recorded) b...