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File: Fishing Buddy08-06-08
Re: fubar
Posted By: Porcodio
Originally posted by kasca Ok i use fubar. With this i get both a map icon and a spot on fubar. It dont matter what. I tryed the fubar addon for fish but it wont disable the map button. Anyone else hav this problem? Yeah, i've the same "problem". Btw gz to the creator of this addon XD Added to favorites, couldn't live withou...
File: CurseBar07-31-08
Config Option
Posted By: Porcodio
To bring up the config menu type: /curse bar config This adjust scale, direction and order. Simply and clear, very nice addon that save us some action bars slot :)
File: SocketAssistant07-30-08
It's a very interesting add-on :) T...
Posted By: Porcodio
It's a very interesting add-on :) Ty for dev.
File: SimpleDruidBar06-03-08
Posted By: Porcodio
Is there a hope that this can be used with x-perl? I'm not sure of that but almost every unit-frames is incompatible with this. Thank you.