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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-05-10
Originally posted by rikhart Hi,...
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Originally posted by rikhart Hi, thanks for the hard work! I have a question, how can one check if targeted mob is "tagged" by me? You can add a text that tells you... It shows when a target is NOT tagged by you...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-05-10
Message: Interface\AddOns\Stuf\aura...
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Message: Interface\AddOns\Stuf\aura.lua:608: attempt to index local 'uf' (a nil value) Time: 11/05/10 11:58:33 Count: 3 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Stuf\aura.lua:608: in function `b' Interface\AddOns\Stuf\core.lua:498: in function `UpdateElementLook' Interface\AddOns\Stuf_Options\options.lua:1138: in function
File: rSetBackdrop11-02-10
You should probably change the defa...
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You should probably change the default strata level to low, I had to add ChatFrame1:SetFrameStrata("medium") to not get the chat covered by the backdrop... Otherwise I love this addon, much simpler than eepanels / Kgpanels and it uses less memory :) keep up the good work
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-01-10
Is there a way to make stuf use rBu...
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Is there a way to make stuf use rButtonStyler instead of buttonfacade? buttonfacade is so heavy so I want to use rbuttonstyler instead, but yet I havnt found a way to make Stuf use it...
File: rActionButtonStyler11-01-10
I cant get it to apply to buffs, it...
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I cant get it to apply to buffs, it just show the normal texture...
File: rActionBarStyler11-01-10
for some reason I cant get ractionb...
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for some reason I cant get ractionbuttonstyler to work on bartender4 so im wondering: is there a way to make ractionbarstyler to change to a specific bar when targeting friendlies?
File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)10-14-10
I know you said that we should post...
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I know you said that we should post the things we wanted for the plugins on each page, but this is for all of them. I know you want to make this addon as small as possible. But there should be a easy way of changing the look of the plugins and xloot itself without knowing lua coding, like a small GUI or something. Would love it i...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-13-10
LFG icons
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when im on my priest, not even in a lfg group the lfg icon is allways showing. And its showing everyone as tank... and there is a bug with the liv-health thingy, dont see a transparent healing overlap :( Keep up the good work :D
File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)10-13-10
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are the plugins comming back? one thing I loved about xloot was that I could just autoloot and then see what I looted in the monitor window. I know I can look at the chat window, but its so lame :p And not to mention the xloot rolls, instead of the big chunky ones that are now yours were so sexy! Great work tho, keep it up :banana: