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File: Postal07-04-11
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Here's some code I wrote as part of my own private mass auction addon last year. I haven't used it since Postal added this functionality (which seemed to work well before 4.1), but I'll probably start testing it out again. I'd say it was at least 95% reliable before I stopped using it, after a lot of tweaking. Anyway, I thought th...
File: Altoholic11-28-09
Fix for mail counter not showing in tooltip
Posted By: Quagm1re
Check out line 959 of Altoholic.lua. It is using ipairs to iterate a table that can possibly have nils in it, thus stopping the iteration if it encounters a nil value. DataStore is returning nils, rather than zeros, when a container type doesn't have any of that item. To fix this, you can either modify DataStore to return zeros in...
File: TipTac10-04-09
Originally posted by Aezay fireba...
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Originally posted by Aezay firebaerd This is an error I've seen posted often, but I have no idea how it occurs, I've never been able to reproduce it myself. Bug reports always seem to have Clique and XPerl in them, so it could be some conflict with any of those, but I have no idea to be honest. When this bug occurs, the "UnitA...
File: TipTac09-20-09
Change Sell Price font in tooltips
Posted By: Quagm1re
I noticed that TipTac doesn't change the font of GameTooltipMoneyFrame lines (where it says "Sell Price:"), and this annoyed me enough to look through Blizzard's code and figure out how to do it. Here's how I did it, for anyone interested. Add the following lines of code to AddOns\TipTac\Core.lua (I added it at line 807): hook...
File: Altoholic08-18-09
Fix for DataStore_Auctions problem
Posted By: Quagm1re
I've noticed that DataStore_Auctions hasn't been accurately recording my auction data, and I've been having to clear out the savedvariables file for that component several times a day to have a somewhat accurate count. Here's the cause of the problem: local function ScanAuctions() local AHZone = 0 -- 0 means faction AH i...
File: Bagsy05-10-09
Re: Doesn't recognise my 32 slot inscription bag
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Originally posted by Wizardling Any chance of an update to the best LDB bag plugin? :-) FIX FOR INSCRIPTION BAGS Open Bagsy.lua in a text editor, such as Notepad. Go to line 7, which should say "local craft = 8 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 512 + 1024". Change line 7 to say "local craft = 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 512 + 1024". Basic...
File: Altoholic12-14-08
[Bug] WhoKnowsRecipe parser for Enchanting
Posted By: Quagm1re
Please remove the specific parser for Enchanting, as the WhoKnowsRecipe function is not currently working properly for alts who have Enchanting due to this parser. To fix this in the meantime, I have commented out lines 1783-1785 and 1788 in my local copy of Altoholic.lua. Thank you for this wonderful addon for all of us altoholics!
File: DoubleWide12-11-07
Originally posted by Phantom I am...
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Originally posted by Phantom I am going to have to disagree with you. I disabled DoubleWide and the error has not shown itself since. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3268470813&postId=32333499164&sid=1#0 Thanks for the forum link. I still stand by my opinion that this isn't a DoubleWide problem, but...
File: DoubleWide12-05-07
Originally posted by Phantom I wa...
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Originally posted by Phantom I was wondering if you could update us when the issue with the interface will be offered? At least tell me where FrameXML\UIParent.lua is :lol: Just to let everyone know, in case you haven't figured out by now, this is not being caused by DoubleWide. DoubleWide doesn't even make any calls or an...