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File: broker-cashflow02-12-10
Fresh install + deleting the saved...
Posted By: Ratheri
Fresh install + deleting the saved variables for the addon seems to have worked. No more tooltip fuckup. In fact, probably could have gotten away with just the fresh install... but hey, it works again!
File: broker-cashflow02-12-10
installed r54, this is what I now g...
Posted By: Ratheri
installed r54, this is what I now get on mouseover: 1x Broker_Cashflow\Broker_Cashflow.lua:155: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'gold' (a nil value) Broker_Cashflow\Broker_Cashflow.lua:257: in function `drawNewTooltip' Broker_Cashflow\Broker_Cashflow.lua:403: in function `OnEnter' Fortress-1.13.1 \Core.lua:239: in function...
File: broker-cashflow02-11-10
I keep getting the following error...
Posted By: Ratheri
I keep getting the following error whenever I mouseover the addon in Fortress: 1x LibAbacus-3.0-90046:247: attempt to compare nil with number (tail call): ?: Broker_Cashflow\Broker_Cashflow.lua:167: in function `drawNewTooltip' Broker_Cashflow\Broker_Cashflow.lua:368: in function `OnEnter' Fortress-1.13.1 \Core.lua:239: in fun...
File: CombatCam05-21-08
I hate to say it, but if it wasn't...
Posted By: Ratheri
I hate to say it, but if it wasn't for the smart edit feature, I probably wouldn't have even downloaded this... the camera options were more the added bonus to me... very handy, though.
File: Auctionator05-16-08
Re: Version 1.1
Posted By: Ratheri
Zod Damn... nice piece of work... exactly what I was missing when I got rid of auctionator and the old KC Items addons... brilliant work for your first addon
File: Quecho09-19-07
Very Smart!
Posted By: Ratheri
Very Smart!
File: KC_PlayerFramePlus06-16-07
Originally posted by Kaelten its...
Posted By: Ratheri
Originally posted by Kaelten its back, I'm sorry for the hiatus. YAY!
File: TwoBox Toolkit06-12-07
I wonder if I could use this for wh...
Posted By: Ratheri
I wonder if I could use this for when I was playing with a buddy and feeling kinda lazy :p :D
File: Skrom's Quote Generator06-11-07
This is perfect. I've got a warrior...
Posted By: Ratheri
This is perfect. I've got a warrior named Daalek that says "Exterminate!" Every time she charges. Now I can ad even more Dalek-y goodness to her charge skill
File: Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses06-11-07
This has to be the dumbest, yet at...
Posted By: Ratheri
This has to be the dumbest, yet at the same time, most brilliant, addon I have ever seen. The lack of knowing what the hell is going in is a bit maddening, but at the same time, it's almost better than watching yourself just sit there while everything around you is takeing a pounding cause you're asleep or something...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons05-10-07
I wish I knew how to code lua or I'...
Posted By: Ratheri
I wish I knew how to code lua or I'd try taking over. Good luck!
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-12-07
I have a really stupid question......
Posted By: Ratheri
I have a really stupid question... I am for the most part very happy with this mod, however, there is one thing I'm not very clear on... Is there a way to get the duration of my hunter traps to show up? everything else works beautifully. Oh, and I should probably specify... I'm looking for the duration after they go off, not a...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons04-07-07
okay, hopefully this will be my las...
Posted By: Ratheri
okay, hopefully this will be my last stupid question for awhile... I've got almost everything set up the way I want, except I want to try to add a "pet attack" button to the target frame for my hunter. I know the basic syntax I need to use now, but I'm stuck with the spell name, as it doesn't appear in the group maker. Is the spe...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-30-07
Posted By: Ratheri
Originally posted by Elenesski Finally, when you get it working, please reply to this message and let me know what the Unit Frame names are so I can add that to the supported UI's. While your instructions were very helpful, the real problem is that I aparently was an idiot the last time I tried to set up... For future reference,...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-28-07
Hmm...couldn't get the buttons to s...
Posted By: Ratheri
Hmm...couldn't get the buttons to show up at all... I think I may have just been doing something wrong in the setup, just out of curiosity, has anyone heard of any problems using this mod with MazzleUI? Well, I'm going to try a few things tommorow, and if it still doesn't want to work, I may have to strip the UI down and rebuild...
File: OneBag308-21-06
Re: New Feature...
Posted By: Ratheri
Originally posted by Arxon_Havenloft Hey, Kaelten, I've always loved Onebag, since before you even took over the addon... But lately I've been using Discords bag mod for one reason really... It has this feature where I can stack multiple items into one slot viewable... For example instead of having 25 slots for shards, it'll s...
File: KombatStats03-02-06
Very cool! Quit using recap awhile...
Posted By: Ratheri
Very cool! Quit using recap awhile ago, but I like the look of this enough to use it!
File: FuBar 3.6.503-01-06
Dude, this is totally the best thin...
Posted By: Ratheri
Dude, this is totally the best thing since titan panel, which was the best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good work Boss!
File: BhaldieInfoBar12-14-05
I like
Posted By: Ratheri
Definately looking forward to the "How-to convert titan plugin" posting... once it is up, or once authors start adapting their plugins themselves, i will definately be usting this full-time