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File: LovelyLoot12-11-11
Because of changes in LootFrame.xml...
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Because of changes in LootFrame.xml in patch 4.3 loot buttons are not correctly aligned. In order to fix this issue open lloot.lua, scroll down to the line 289 ("LootButton1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 15, -80)") and add the following code right after this line: LootButton2:ClearAllPoints() LootButton2:SetPoint("TOP", "LootButton1", "B...
File: PhanxChat06-30-11
Originally posted by rassa any ch...
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Originally posted by rassa any chances of an update for 4.2 pretty pls ? chat doesnt work at all with phanxchat enabled thx! A simple fix - in Core.lua and Modules\ReplaceRealNames.lua replace strings ":replace(" with ":gsub(".
File: FeedMachine11-04-10
This mod is exactly what I need, bu...
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This mod is exactly what I need, but unfortunately it has some glitches. It shows some complains about nonexisting object 'this' (from patch 4.0 it should be replaced by 'self', right?) and some functions does not work. For example I'm not able to move bar, bar is shown after login even if my pet is happy etc.
File: AtlasLoot JP Values11-04-10
Originally posted by biggoofyus D...
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Originally posted by biggoofyus Doesn't work with the current RELEASE version of Atlas though, which is the reason for this fan update It works with current release of Atlas. I personally use this beta of AtlasLoot on live server.
File: AtlasLoot JP Values11-03-10
Originally posted by arrcus Props...
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Originally posted by arrcus Props to you bro, thanks a bunch for the JP update :banana: Try AtlasLoot v6.0 BETA (http://www.atlasloot.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2669), there are all items with correct JP values.
File: CCP (Class Combo Points)10-18-10
Re: Re: Elemental shaman
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Originally posted by Dajova Well, it does work... however, the problem is that it doesnt count for the color code and once you reset the counter (from when u cast Earth Shock), it displays default 3 stacks. The thing i must do is to make it count 3 as 0. You got a point. I have reworked my changes, so now it shows 5 combo point...
File: CCP (Class Combo Points)10-17-10
Elemental shaman
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It would be great to add support for tracking Lightning Shield charges for elemental shamans. If you are interested, I did some changes by myself: shaman.lua this line: if unit == 'player' and GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 2 then replace with: if unit == 'player' and GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 1 then local _,_,_...
File: DinnerBell05-20-09
Great idea for addon. To make it ev...
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Great idea for addon. To make it even more useful I have edited it a bit and added sound for a Great Feast. BTW the best sound for this addon would be quote from Red Dwarf :): The Cat: "Fish!" Dispensing Machine: "Today's fish is trout a la crème. Enjoy your meal."
File: Multishot (Screenshot)05-19-09
Re: Re: timing?
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Originally posted by xtoq FEATURE SUGGESTION: Option to only take boss screenshots in raid instances. It would be really nice to have this option in configuration menu.