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File: HealBot Continued05-26-13
Broken :(
Posted By: Lioness
1x HealBot-\HealBot_Options.lua:1762: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) HealBot-\HealBot_Options.lua:9668: in function `HealBot_Options_SetSkins' HealBot-\HealBot_Options.lua:7744: in function `HealBot_Options_Lang' HealBot-\HealBot.lua:1701: in function `HealBot_OnEvent_VariablesLoaded' HealBot...
File: HealBot Continued10-02-12
Having some trouble with german new...
Posted By: Lioness
Having some trouble with german new monk healerspells. Perhaps because of the german ß and ä ü ö "Chistoß" isn't cast.
File: ElvUI12-11-10
same here! i also have soft freezes...
Posted By: Lioness
same here! i also have soft freezes randomly... Originally posted by davidrm15 hi elv Im posting beacause i think u have a problem with ui.I dont know what happen but my pc freeze with ui, when i disable addons come back normal , beacasue is anormal fps down 45 to 2 .Cya and i hope u can solve.sorry my english elvs :p
File: AudioProc09-07-10
Hello, useful addon! But where...
Posted By: Lioness
Hello, useful addon! But where are to procsounds for shamans?
File: Deadly Boss Mods - Victory Sound04-25-10
Originally posted by ChaosInc To...
Posted By: Lioness
Originally posted by ChaosInc To elaborate more, it seems to happen more often if you perform an action right after the music starts. I'd say within 5-10sec. Same here. I also realized that the music stopps if you move around or perform an action.
File: Bluesky Revisited09-22-09
Re: Re: Big BLAH in the middle of my screen?
Posted By: Lioness
Originally posted by wynn lol, you're kidding right? no idea the only text in middle of your screen would be mik scrolling combat text No, he's not kidding at all. This "error" occurs at my UI, too. I also use your Compilation since yesterday. I took some screenshots to demonstrate the error. http://i37.tinypic.com/t6...
File: HealBot Continued11-23-08
hello, i use healbot sonce a lon...
Posted By: Lioness
hello, i use healbot sonce a long time already. the druid hot "verjüngung" (refresh in english maybe?) isn't shown as a hot in the new version.
File: OnScreenHealth04-06-08
hmmm... when i target an enemy it o...
Posted By: Lioness
hmmm... when i target an enemy it only says "dead" without health or mana...
File: HealBot Continued03-30-08
it's working on a german client for...
Posted By: Lioness
it's working on a german client for me now. how can i change it that it doesn't buff ooc instead of heal?
File: HealBot Continued03-27-08
also german bug
Posted By: Lioness
hi there. i'm also from germany and the bug occurs as well for me. i also cannot define the healspells.