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File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows02-18-08
Rawr. The only problem I'm having i...
Posted By: ScythXIII
Rawr. The only problem I'm having is that... it's not working ._. . After choosing which addons are from WoWI, I get a "Suspended: More Information is Required" for every addon. So, I went and added the info for Lightheaded (which was at the top of my list), and after the Downloading bar, it says a New version is out, and that I n...
File: Reagent Restocker02-10-08
Only problem I have is that Reagent...
Posted By: ScythXIII
Only problem I have is that ReagentRestocker attempts to make it to my set amount, even if it means going over (e.i. things bought in stacks). It would be nice to see an option to allow it to get it to buy to the amount as close as possible but without reaching past the goal.
File: ESN_Mount02-09-08
Re: Yeah its great!
Posted By: ScythXIII
Originally posted by antigrib WTF? english plz! :eek: Google Translation: ESN_Mount moves when ascending a mount automatically on all items on the Reisegewschwindigkeit increase. Once your return is down the old equipment. You can chat with two commands include whether ESN_Mount into battlefields active, or if your the P...