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File: Elitist Group Sender06-21-10
Feature Request
Posted By: crowbait
I know you're keeping the addon small, but I don't think this would cause much bloat: Can you add a feature (or even make a separate tiny addon) to provide the raid/party/player url functionality of ElitistGroup/ElitistArmory? I generally prefer to pop up the url and examine the group on the web rather than wait until I'm near everyo...
File: Ghost: Recon09-04-09
Re: Re: Feature Request:
Posted By: crowbait
Glancing at the MobInfo2 source, it appears to watch for the mob emoting "attempts to run" (or localized versions of that) in the CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_EMOTE event. Check MI2_CHAT_MOBRUNS in the Localization for what it scans for. Why do I still have that thing installed?! -crowbait Originally posted by Footrot Agreed. But I'm no...
File: Ghost: Recon08-27-09
Minor Bug
Posted By: crowbait
I noticed that in Faction Champions (Trial of the Crusader, third encounter), GR insists that the champions can not be Death Gripped when they actually can. I believe it doesn't register them as immune until you try it the first time. Extremely minor, since we know about it, but just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for an awesome...