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File: BTex01-08-09
Different escape error
Hi, I'm getting a different error. When I hit escape, sometimes I get a few lines of code printed in my chatbox. Looks something like BTex Stopcasting() BTex Cleartarget() or something to that effect. Only it doesn't actually do anything, and it also disables my escape menu from working..
File: Wrath of the Lich King style eePanel graphics10-05-08
Originally posted by GOKUSSJ5 i a...
Originally posted by GOKUSSJ5 i am confused i can't get the textures to work any suggestions? Make sure they are in the proper folder and you are typing the right image path into the eePanel in game. Also, there is probably some documentation out there somewhere about eePanels and how to set up new images..
File: Wrath of the Lich King style eePanel graphics10-05-08
Re: sorry about the last one
Originally posted by ztrust i love it! been messing arounf with it all nite... im a newbie at this ui stuff but when i put em in too eepanel the middle works fine but the sides go to the buttom of the frames any advice ? What do you mean by bottom of the frames? Are you sizing the panels properly? Elaborate :)
File: Wrath of the Lich King style eePanel graphics10-02-08
Well all I did was give a base image layout for you to do what you want with =) I like having my screen really empty so I can see whats going on - but you or someone else might like having their minimap somewhere else ;) For instance - the right side of my screen actually has omen and recount, but they're both hidden for scree...