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File: Afflicted307-15-08
loving it so far. incase you wanna...
loving it so far. incase you wanna add these cooldowns, some common/important arena ones are intimidation death coil
File: Afflicted307-14-08
Re: arena
edit: wow thanks. i feel like an idiot =)
File: Afflicted306-21-08
i'm having the same issue with it n...
i'm having the same issue with it not showing up in arenas. with /afflicted test, it shows up fine.. in duels, it shows up fine. but when i go in to an arena, nothing works. under general, i have enable in arenas checked, and under all 3 arena brackets i have almost all the spells enabled/checked but, still, nothing shows up w...
File: Arena Ignore01-25-08
does not work for my either
this mod no longer works for me as of today ive fought the same team several times (different server) and it never detected them i also manually did it by /ignore name-server neither worked, i think blizz fixed this
File: SSPVP310-03-07
same issue
I'm having the same issue as the user that posted the screen shot a few posts down my 3v3 and 5v5 show the correct rating my 2v2 shows my 5v5's rating i deleted the SSPVP folder and tried both the new ones from this site and the latest revision from the link you have listed