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File: Clean Icons - Thin (Fan Update)06-20-18
"I will be releasing updates for fu...
Posted By: jlrm365
"I will be releasing updates for future patches here, including BfA alpha/beta once addons are enabled there" ... while suicidalkatt isn't, that's good.
File: Hide Class Bar05-27-18
This still works. The simplicity o...
Posted By: jlrm365
This still works. The simplicity of barely-there addons is what I love, as they tend not to break. Just update the TOC yourself, as / when needed, and you're set. Thanks. EDIT: I have only used it on a druid, so far.
File: WQAchievements05-18-18
This is extremely useful. It remind...
Posted By: jlrm365
This is extremely useful. It reminded me of an achievement I had forgotten about. It was good to see the update for 8.0 achievements. I certainly hope that you're able to keep this going. It's not something that appears often but, when it does, I am pleased. A good addon, for that alone. :cool:
File: Bosstalk Continued updated by Brellison9405-14-18
*Subtracted the u from "Favorite"....
Posted By: jlrm365
*Subtracted the u from "Favorite". That's not an improvement. You spell favourite with a u.
File: Total RP 3: Extended03-29-18
"Even if World of Warcraft is losin...
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"Even if World of Warcraft is losing subscribers month after month, it still has a strong community" It isn't. Even if it was, why start with a negative? Rather, "World of Warcraft has a strong community" or "Over the years, World of Warcraft has developed a strong community" or, if you absolutely must mention numbers (you rea...
File: SharedMedia: No Asian Fonts03-06-18
You install this instead of LibMedi...
Posted By: jlrm365
You install this instead of LibMedia or alongside it? Thanks. :cool:
File: QuestClicks12-31-17
It's good to see this again. Owne...
Posted By: jlrm365
It's good to see this again. Ownership will be returned, at Curse, with any luck. At least, your name ought to be listed first in a co-ownership - as it is here. I'll fire it up and, doubtless, be a keen user again. :cool:
File: RENovate - Order Hall Extension10-16-17
best teams?
Posted By: jlrm365
Do you have plans to include a "best teams" feature - which shows the top teams available, that you can make with various characters, for that quest? Garrison Mission Manager does this quite well but, to get the other info I feel I need, I have found myself adding another addon to it (Better Class Hall Missions). Your addon seems...
File: Family Familiar Helper08-07-17
Nice work
Posted By: jlrm365
I saw that this had been updated and so wanted to comment on it. If you're going for the Family Familiar achievement, this is a big help. Wowhead will tell you if any npcs are available that might help you along. This addon will then keep track of which you have encountered and so which you ought to look for next. If you have...
File: Trade Channel Cleaner01-12-17
I'm hoping you'll like it / have li...
Posted By: jlrm365
I'm hoping you'll like it / have liked it. It makes the trade channel bearable again.
File: Pet Bar Border01-12-17
Sorry for the late response. I hav...
Posted By: jlrm365
Sorry for the late response. I haven't even tried to move it, so cannot tell you. What I wanted to do was hide it and to make a micro addon to do so.
File: GnomishVendorShrinker01-11-17
I'm not sure if this is the same er...
Posted By: jlrm365
I'm not sure if this is the same error as described below, as I never had those errors, but I was seeing the top item in every vendor list and then a slab of blank space (like a block) would obscure the rest of those lists. That was with I took a step back and installed Everything seems fine, no...
File: RhoninMute06-18-16
I'd already figured out the sound p...
Posted By: jlrm365
I'd already figured out the sound portion of this issue, as I think a few people had, but I was thrilled to find that you'd been able to block his text. In Dalaran, these days, there seems to be a constant wall of "Raise your eyes to the sky" speech. Nice work. Please do keep it updated. :cool:
File: Squelchy's Gun2Bow Sound Pack - 5.4 MoP05-07-15
15 minutes of fame must be arbitrar...
Posted By: jlrm365
15 minutes of fame must be arbitrary / automated. You have to know the Sound folder does NOT go into the data folder. You'll need to fix that in your details - both on the page and within the notes. Kudos, however, for stating that this is not an addon. Other compilers (they're not authors), of similar sound collections, have...
File: AllTradeForwarder with ClassicRaidFinder 3.0 Virtual Realms Edition12-04-13
others / option
Posted By: jlrm365
Hello. Nice looking addon. When you're out of a city, so you can see the channels, do you need a friend or guild-member to have this addon? Would it be possible to have an option to hide all trade chat that did not include an item link? That'd make it easier to concentrate on real trade and would help a lot. Thanks. :cool:
File: UIScaler09-04-12
Thanks for the tweak / update. It...
Posted By: jlrm365
Thanks for the tweak / update. It's a handy addon.
File: NugMiniPet09-02-12
Could this be updated? With the...
Posted By: jlrm365
Could this be updated? With the changes to companion interface, it doesn't seem to work. This addon did what I wanted, without frills, so I'd love to see it working again. Thanks. :cool:
File: Tam O' Canter08-23-12
Nice idea. No need to be pessimist...
Posted By: jlrm365
Nice idea. No need to be pessimistic. I don't role-play, so don't have a strong need for this. It will, however, be remembered. I'm sure that the role-players will appreciate it, too. Comments will help to improve whatever needs tweaking. More people should be trying to do things, as you have. :cool:
File: Peddler (Junk seller)08-19-12
Is there any option to turn off cha...
Posted By: jlrm365
Is there any option to turn off chat output? If not, could there be (text options - to keep addon size down, rather than GUI - would be fine)? I'm finding this becoming more and more used, to the point that you wonder why it's not a default game feature. Wonderful addon. :cool:
File: LoggerPro08-13-12
You shouldn't appologise too much....
Posted By: jlrm365
You shouldn't appologise too much. Your obvious concern, however, has me interested in this addon. I've bookmarked it and am likely to try it out soon. From some of the other comments, it looks like you do now have testers. :cool:
File: Peddler (Junk seller)08-10-12
The changes look good. Sorry that...
Posted By: jlrm365
The changes look good. Sorry that you had to write for specific bag addons, but glad that you did. Amazed you did it so fast. I look forward to trying out the stack feature, now. :cool:
File: Peddler (Junk seller)08-08-12
As others have said, a great idea....
Posted By: jlrm365
As others have said, a great idea. Not sure what the issue about stacks, referred to, is. I certainly look forward to not having to root around for things. :cool:
File: AltsMail07-13-12
So, if the "alts" option is chosen,...
Posted By: jlrm365
So, if the "alts" option is chosen, this will only allow the auto-complete to complete alt names? That would be fantastic. I've got several contacts, with names that begin with S. Once or twice, I have accidentally auto-completed (and sent) to a a contact - when I wanted to auto-complete to an alt. Too tired, and completely my fa...
File: LookingForGuildBrowseSort07-11-12
I was a raider, then went "casual"...
Posted By: jlrm365
I was a raider, then went "casual" and now looking to join a guild again. This looks like a good tool. I'll add it to my bookmarks and look forward to see how it develops. :cool:
File: BattleNetFeed07-07-12
"Clicking on an online friends' sta...
Posted By: jlrm365
"Clicking on an online friends' status will whisper them" *whisper "him / her". Good addon idea, though.