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File: TIRareCoordinator - Fan Mod (RareCoordinator)09-22-13
Re: great turtle furyshell not listed...
Posted By: Ecwfrk
might want to add that one... :) I specifically left rares like that out because they die too fast for anyone outside the range they can be seen on the minimap to find where it spawned (even more of an issue with the Rare Elite cranes, snakes and crabs which have a wide number of spawn points) and get to them. And on very active r...
File: TIRareCoordinator - Fan Mod (RareCoordinator)09-20-13
RareNamesLocalized = {} Added th...
Posted By: Ecwfrk
RareNamesLocalized = {} Added them in. Let me know if they don't work right. Is it possible to add a spawn timer estimate? Not in any useful way. Since we don't know for sure what the actual respawn rates is on most MoBs really is they're based on informed guesses at best. Giving people an estimate based on guesses tends to...
File: tekKompare12-11-09
Not showing comparisons for other gear sets
Posted By: Ecwfrk
Since 3.3 I'm only getting comparison tooltips for the items I'm wearing. Before 3.3 I would get a comparison tooltip for all the sets I had saved in the Equipment manager. Now I have to hold shift to get the comparison tooltips for my other gear sets. Am I missing an option somewhere or did something change?
File: GathererDB WoWHead09-23-09
Re: No updates, eh?
Posted By: Ecwfrk
Originally posted by Derpo I've been checking this database for a couple of times a week for over half a year now and I only saw 1 posting this year. I give up. I dont think there will be another one posted. :( Shame... I did sent all my gatherings to wowhead every day. And so did a lot of other people. I was going to upda...
File: LightHeaded03-26-08
Re: Re: Next Page button
Posted By: Ecwfrk
Originally posted by Cladhaire I can't reproduce this, are you using other quest addons that might be interfering? Please let me know if you can test by disabling all addons except LightHeaded to see how it acts. I had the same issue. Carbonite Quest v1.170 http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8214-CarboniteQuest.html w...