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File: LightHeaded11-17-07
Re: Re: LightHeaded / Party Quests ?
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I don't know, I don't use any of those addons. Either way, there's little I can do to "support" them. Your addon looks great and I would love to use it , but it seems that you don't support it being used with Party Quests and the Cosmos author is on hiatus. Following is my question to Cosmos and...
File: LightHeaded10-16-07
LightHeaded / Party Quests ?
Posted By: Spyr
Does LightHeaded work with Party Quests (Cosmos)? I am not seeing LightHeaded with Blizzard default or Party Quests frame. Other quest adds currently using QuestHistory (Emerald) and QuestLogLevelPatch (Cosmos). Would love to use LightHeaded with Party Quests. Many of the players I group with use it and would be a pain to get them...