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File: CurrencyTracker07-23-09
Posted By: AnElk
I can't make this work with Bagnon. What is LDB? Don't see no GUI anywhere, I look for addon settings in Game Menu -> Interface -> Addons. If it's anywhere else where I don't expect it to be, I won't find it. :o
File: Pawn06-06-09
Equipement Manager
Posted By: AnElk
With the introduction of Equipment Manager, I'm no longer using Outfitter. But I am missing the tooltip tag that told me what set the particular item was a part of. Could this be made to work with the Equipment Manager? Found myself running around with 3 pieces of gear that I no longer used, wasting bag space. With dual spec, bag sp...
File: XBar05-24-09
The fact that this addon does not r...
Posted By: AnElk
The fact that this addon does not replace actionbars is what I like with it. The default actionbars would be just fine if I could just get rid of the silly dragonthings, the micromenu, the bag menu and move actionbars around to the places on the screen I like them to be instead of where Blizzard thinks they have to be. :rolleyes:...
File: Bang! Anti Spam 205-23-09
Mail spam
Posted By: AnElk
May I be so bold as to ask for a anti-mail spam? I'm not seeing any of the hideously annoying goldsellers in trade or in /w any more. Thanks a ton for that. Nor am I getting harassed by level 10 - 40 people asking for boosts (level filtering is wonderful!) :D But I am still getting super aggrivating goldselling spam in my mailbox...
File: Pawn05-16-09
Posted By: AnElk
I have a slightly different problem with the gems... They don't show at all... I would provide a screenshot of this problem but this idiot website doesn't allow for JPG attachements to posts, only links to images hosted on other websites. Now that we have Dual Spec, it's not correct to assume a set value just because there is a s...
File: Pawn05-15-09
Dual Wield vs Two Handed
Posted By: AnElk
I think it was mentioned somewhere in the in-game info but I don't see this built in yet. Or maybe I have missed activating something? Thing is I have a few characters that occasionally need to compare 2 handed weapons with one handed dual wield combos as well as two or more different combinations with dual wielding on both sides of...
File: XBar05-14-09
Ummm... This thing isn't workin...
Posted By: AnElk
Ummm... This thing isn't working. At all... actionbars look exactly as the big ugly default ones with the annoying dragonglyph things on the sides and upon trying to open the config I get a message screaming in my face that there are no actionbars installed. :confused: And of course I have checked that all the folders are in...
File: majBar05-14-09
Posted By: AnElk
I might try this... if I can get rid of those darn glyph-dragon-thingys on the sides of it and not have to mess with lua editing. I'm allergic to alien languages in wordpads, also known as 'coding'. :o
File: StellarBars05-14-09
Is the author still working on this addon?
Posted By: AnElk
... the reason I'm asking is that this actionbar addon is the one causing the least problems on my system for the moment. However, there are two things that I find very annoying about it; The Short Version of it: I need to remove the bag-bar and micromenu. The Detailed Version of it; I have my UI set up as a 'minimalist' type...
File: SimpleBar05-14-09
Loads and loads of errors...
Posted By: AnElk
This is almost exactly what I'm looking for. . . Almost... The problem is that with this addon I keep getting a mesage saying that "Your addons are generating a large number of errors" then the buttons "Disable" and "Ignore" to choose from. I do not have the LUA Errors visible for the simple reason that I get spammed to death with...
File: Pawn04-17-09
* dies *
Posted By: AnElk
LOL - The mystery deepens... Now, without having done anything at all, after the patch that crashed just about every other addon, Pawn, wich I haven't even updated to April 14 release yet, suddenly works for the hunter again, even after getting some of my other addons back to work with minor updates. This is the sort of things th...
File: Pawn03-31-09
Very odd...
Posted By: AnElk
I have the strangest experience with Pawn. I use it on 3 characters, same account, same realm. All of a sudden, for no particular reason, pawn never shows me the values on one of the characters. The other 2 works fine but not the third one. And the mystery gets even worse. All three characters use the same addons. None of them...
File: Target Range02-23-09
extended range
Posted By: AnElk
Sniper training (hunter) and extended range (resto druid) is not quite accurate. The 2 classes I have are both using max range of 40, not 36. Sniper training for hunter is damage bonus between 30 - 40 yards range. It would seem TargetRange is still thinkin my range is 36. I'm using version 1.43 of the addon. Wish List: One si...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames02-11-09
pet happyness
Posted By: AnElk
The pet happyness would be nice to have on the right side of the frame instead of the left. Or in my case, replacing the portrait. I tend to like a minimalistik UI and I can't put the pet frame to the far left now as that makes the pet happyness icon disappear outside the screen. There seem to also be a small issue with frames movin...
File: IPopBar02-03-09
I'm senile...
Posted By: AnElk
Well I found out for certain what is the problem with druid cat form and stealth bar... It never existed in the first place. (doh) It was an addon I had (Dominos) that made that happen. I suppose I could ask for such a feature in ipopbar as well but if I understood earlier posts, Blizzard no longer allows for that sort of thing?
File: IPopBar01-28-09
Posted By: AnElk
Once I figured out what the bar ID sliders actually do (they only tell wich button of the 120 available that starts a bar apparantly) I realized that I found my druid stealth bar on ID 14 (fourteen), not 74. This may be why ipopbar isn't working with the cat stealth? It only uses 74 - 86 or something like that for the 'stance'. I'm a...
File: Bartender401-28-09
Re: Re: Default Keybindings?
Posted By: AnElk
Originally posted by AnrDaemon It will just work. Let me explain. Bartender do NOT create any new bars. It use already existing WoW bars to your full benefit. However, certain classes suffers WoW('s) restriction on that. Some (SPriest) less, some (Druid) more. Bars 1&2 is the WoW main/alternative bars. Bar3 is the right-side ba...
File: IPopBar01-28-09
Druid Cat stealth
Posted By: AnElk
I can not get the druid cat stealth form bar to show where main actionbar normally would be (just like rogues get their stalthbar) when I go stealth. I think the bar ID is 74 for this but for some reason, it doesn't switch to that when I go sneaking in druids catform. It works for my rogue tho.
File: SpamSentry01-22-09
x122 version
Posted By: AnElk
This version seems to work OK. I haven't seen any goofed out lua errors since I installed it a few hours ago. I do miss the automatic report as well... Spamers are a pain in the bum and I'd rather have them all burn in hell then make life miserable for honest players but oh well. Good work on this thing to keep us from getti...
File: Dominos01-22-09
Blizzards memory handling, or maybe ACE libs?
Posted By: AnElk
Originally posted by Tuller I have to wonder if that's a bad memory/driver issue on both compies. The odds for both computers, one with PCI-E videocard and new motherboard, memory and 2x CPU that I bought only a few weeks ago would have the same memory problem as the other computer wich is several years old with different memo...
File: SpamSentry01-22-09
LUA Nil: errors
Posted By: AnElk
Heya, I'm geting a bunch of LUA errors from SpamSentry. Most of them says something about calling a Nil value. The strange part is that it's happeneing every time I try to right-klick on someone, be it in the guild window, chat window or anywhere else. I have both Ace2 and Ace3 libs installed. Not using Titan or anything like that...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-21-09
Originally posted by enalung When...
Posted By: AnElk
Originally posted by enalung When I set a focus, for some reason it always says X-Perl has attempted an illegal action and asks me if I want to disable it. I get the same error if I try to set a focus by right-klicking a player frame and chose Set Focus from the drop-down. I found a work-around tho: Bind a key to the function...
File: Dominos01-21-09
Totally random crashes/screenfreezes
Posted By: AnElk
It appears that Dominos is causing completely random screenfreezes/crashes, especially when using the flying taxis in Northrend. Me and my wife have the same problem on two different machines and it happens completely random from the look of things. Even with no other addons except dominos active. Sometimes not until after an hour o...
File: Bartender401-21-09
Default Keybindings?
Posted By: AnElk
I simply have a question: Will this addon keep the buttons, spells, macros and keybindings from my default setup? Detailed version: In other words, if I install Bartender addon, am I going to have to redo all the buttons and keybindings or will this one work the same way as Dominos where I don't have to screw around with key...
File: Auto Reparar12-25-08
Not working...
Posted By: AnElk
I get a message saying that I can't withdraw that much from guild bank. But it doesn't continue to repair with my own money either.