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File: ForteXorcist01-22-10
Cooldown Timeline
Posted By: Xentropy
This has probably been asked/answered before, but I went back several pages in the comments and didn't see anything... Is there a way to set up the Cooldown Timeline to go a few seconds into the past (basically starting at a negative timestamp)? I'd like to see cooldowns which have just expired for longer than the half a second th...
File: AutoProfit01-21-10
Still working fine for me in 3.3. N...
Posted By: Xentropy
Still working fine for me in 3.3. Not sure why you think it's broken. I love this addon!
File: Talent Planner03-29-08
Even with 2.4 version of Planner, l...
Posted By: Xentropy
Even with 2.4 version of Planner, linking talents via the new shift-click to insert chat link isn't working. Any work being done on this?
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed10-13-07
More item query goodness
Posted By: Xentropy
The script you posted to query every item in the database 200 at a time worked like a charm, Siz! Thank you! I have one question/request, though. I noticed that items with random suffixes queried in this manner only show up in lootlink with one suffix, usually "of the Soldier". Is there a way to query all of the suffixes for ea...