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File: Clique02-09-08
G5 middle mouse button
Posted By: Eggman12
hi, after completely reinstalling my PC and WOW my middle mouse button doesnt work anymore with clique. im using a logitech G5 and used to move the scrolling wheel to the left (or right) to cast a shield. now its not accepted by clique anymore.... can someone pls help? thx egg
File: Clique10-21-07
hi and many thx for this great addo...
Posted By: Eggman12
hi and many thx for this great addon! im using it with CT_raidassist - so just clicking on the party members shown by CT_raidassist. but especially in 25er raids when some party members are out of range and need some heal i click on them useless because they're not in range. is it possible to color up the CT_raidassist partymembers...