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File: Caith UI10-29-08
Re: Been trying to fix ui all day, a bit thick
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Originally posted by Callow I'm pretty slow when it comes to technical stuff, so never really used a propper ui, just a few mods here and there, wich I didn't have to meddle with. But tried following urs. So far it looks like this: http://img241.imageshack.us/my.php?image=uiproblemsfq2.jpg I can't fix the black/grey thingy...
File: Nightlag10-28-08
Niightblade made an addon?
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Nerd <3 Effekt.
File: Caith UI10-23-08
Originally posted by fenixguy Whe...
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Originally posted by fenixguy When I inspect someone, and on the way from the Target Frame (where i clicked Inspect) to the Character Frame I hover over someone else, it only shows me stuff like that on all slots: That's because you've deleted your cache recently, just hold your mouse over it for a while so the server can query...
File: Caith UI10-21-08
Originally posted by mysteri I al...
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Originally posted by mysteri I also really liked this look. Is there a profile already in the UI if we want to go back to what the original raid bars looked like? Great work Caith! Thanks for putting this out there again. :cool: I'd recommend making a backup of your WTF, Interface etc. With that done, just have a play aro...
File: Caith UI10-20-08
I see you updated from 11.2 to 11.3...
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I see you updated from 11.2 to 11.3. What's the difference?
File: Caith UI10-19-08
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had been originally using this UI since day #1 of the creation of my Druid. It broke my heart to see it destroyed by 3.0. This has made my day, and I'll definitly be donating :D Much <3 :):):):):p:p:o:o:p:rolleyes:;);):):):p:o:o:D:D:D P.s. In then next versions, could you include GRID/HE...