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File: Vendor Automate07-23-10
The .toc file in this version is al...
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The .toc file in this version is almost empty no references to any lua files that are needed Below is all the info in the .toc file so it is not loading anything ## Interface: 30300 ## Title: GrayScrap ## Description: Sell Junk and Restock Reagents ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: GrayScrap
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-03-10
I love you :) In a manly way of...
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I love you :) In a manly way of course, but hey thx for coming back and fixing up this ui of your that rocks in so many ways. Keep it up Cheerz
File: Reminders02-16-10
death knight additions
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Hiya Just wanted to post my additions to your lovely mod. I added these because i always forget to put on my buffs and dont want to use another addon for buffs. And also when when activating my second talent tree, i forget to set my presence back on. Thank you for this great addon using it also for my rogue and it works won...
File: Neav UI10-09-09
Get this error message in the Frame...
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Get this error message in the FrameXML.log file with a clean install of this ui 10/9 17:47:59.907 Loading add-on oUF_Neav 10/9 17:47:59.907 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\oUF_Neav\oUF_Neav.toc 10/9 17:47:59.907 Error loading Interface\AddOns\oUF_Neav\modules\oUF_AuraWatch.lua I looked trough the folders an...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-07-09
seems to be missing some folders in...
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seems to be missing some folders in this file... fonts and the other folders in the interface ... /pes
File: rActionBar02-02-09
fix for warlocks
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Here is a tip for some warlocks. If you like me get the Metamorphosis button over the pet attack button, due to speccing that way. here is what i did. at line 93 change it to say if myengclass == "DEATHKNIGHT" or myengclass == "WARLOCK" then that makes the button appear right next to the pet bar instead of ontop....
File: Cork10-21-08
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Hiya! great addon ..just a couple of things that buggs me First on my warlock it wants me to put on Soul Link even though i already have it on, and secondly when i mount it wants me to summon my pet.... And on my druid it wants me to go in to bear form ?! and as mensioned before thorns would be nice to buff with.. Cheerz...
File: oUF_Lyn09-03-08
Originally posted by eiszeit Inte...
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Originally posted by eiszeit Interesting. This is normal, 'cause I added only the support, not the plugin itself. But it seems how I did the support was not that good. I have to test this. I have the same problem with the bars not turning red more then just for a second or so then turning green ive searched wowace f...