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File: Grail05-05-13
Just letting you know that there is...
Posted By: jtlareau
Just letting you know that there is an interaction between GRAIL and CARBONITE BETA that causes the Quest Watch list to disappear. This has now been reported to both addon's support.
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION04-28-13
Any Chance of a new Alpha Soon?
Posted By: jtlareau
I know you're busy, but is there any chance of a new Alpha Release soon, with the Quest log changes? I know you are trying to present a finished product, but even an incremental change would be an improvement over what we have now. :confused:
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION03-02-13
Objective not in database
Posted By: jtlareau
Is there anything we can do to help with the "not in the database" type errors?
File: Bartender304-19-08
A couple of issues
Posted By: jtlareau
Bartender3 has been one of my favorites since I prefer to minimize blockage of the screen. I like to use smaller profile bars and snap them to each other along the bottom edge and the right side. I have my XPbar sandwiched between 2 rows at the bottom edge with a reputation bar along the top edge of the 2, with a stance bar and pet...