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File: Mono UI03-03-15
Re: Add the Garrison to the mini-map
Posted By: Alenari
Waha, Thanks for hosting this in GitHub. I've made an issue there in the mUI repo for the Garrison mini-map fix. --Garrison icon GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:ClearAllPoints() GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", Minimap, 3, 3) GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:SetScale(.7) Nice to see my fix is still wor...
File: Mono UI11-23-14
Garrison Icon
Posted By: Alenari
Add this --Garrison icon GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:ClearAllPoints() GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", Minimap, 3, 3) GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton:SetScale(.7) to m_Minimap.lua You can edit the position as you wish.
File: Mono UI11-18-14
Since the developer's main characte...
Posted By: Alenari
Since the developer's main character hasn't been active in WoW since June I doubt there will be an offical update. But I sure hope he'll return since this is be far one of the best compilations.
File: Skaarj UI10-26-14
Reagent Bank
Posted By: Alenari
I can't find anyway to open it. Any way to enable this tab ?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-04-14
Suggestion for resting tag in Conditions
Posted By: Alenari
I didn't want to do lua text so I added local IsResting = IsResting and rest = function(ca, unit) return IsResting() end, and finally "rest", to text.lua. That way will display your name in your class-colour when you are resting.
File: rBuffFrame07-22-13
if you do /rbfs reset it will popup...
Posted By: Alenari
if you do /rbfs reset it will popup at the new location. At least it does for me. A /reload hides the buff frame and the /rbfs reset shows them again. something is very wrong. When I make changes in the lua, save the file and do a /reload ... nothing happens. it takes a logoff - logon for the changes to apply o_O. I've disabled...
File: Mono UI10-20-12
Actionbar OnEvent bug in latest build
Posted By: Alenari
5x AddOn "m_ActionBars" tried to call the protected function "OverrideActionBarButton4:Show()". FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:505: in function "ActionButton_OnEvent" FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:124: in function When I place an ability with event tied to it, ie. Kill Shot or Focus Fire for example as...
File: Mono UI12-04-11
bug in broker_equpiment
Posted By: Alenari
when shift-clicking to update a set this error pops up: 4x m_BrokerStuff-1.5.2\elements\Broker_Equipment.lua:13: attempt to call global "GetNumMacroIcons" (a nil value) m_BrokerStuff-1.5.2\elements\Broker_Equipment.lua:13: in function m_BrokerStuff-1.5.2\elements\Broker_Equipment....
File: FreeUI08-20-11
Regarding Fonts
Posted By: Alenari
If the font on the dmg meter is messed up, which it was for me, changing the fixed size in the lua to 8 * UIParent:GetScale() might help. That did the trick for me, the numbers went back from blobs to proper pixels again. Im using tukz's Pixel perfect macro: /run SetCVar("uiScale", 768/string.match(({GetScreenResolutions()}), "...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)07-19-11
Re: Tagged targets
Posted By: Alenari
I added : to the target frame. Think I added it to Text7, but any of the text fields works just as well. Originally posted by Shazazam Hey just switched to Stuf and I'm loving it! but one thing is like blizzard original UI when someone tags a target before you meaning you wont get credit to loot or quest credit etc... it does...
File: FreeUI05-02-11
To fix the missing icon find:...
Posted By: Alenari
To fix the missing icon find: local iconFrame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, castBar) iconFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", healthBar, "TOPRIGHT", 2, 2) iconFrame:SetHeight(16) iconFrame:SetWidth(16) castBar.iconbg = CreateBG(iconFrame) spellIconRegion:ClearAllPoints() spellIconRegion:SetAllPoints(iconFrame) spellIconRegion:Se...
File: FreeUI05-01-11
icon on nameplate castbar is missing
Posted By: Alenari
I can't get the spell icon on the nameplates's castbar to show. There is only a block box there.
File: Mono UI04-27-11
Originally posted by Kyralin Hell...
Posted By: Alenari
Originally posted by Kyralin Hello i have a problem when i open my bags it open the mono bag and the normal bags how i can fix that thx for help^^ Originally posted by Normalice I found a bug,when i open my bags,the default of blizzard bags open also in the background. Try reading the Changelog, the answer is there.
File: FreeUI04-27-11
nameplate bloat
Posted By: Alenari
The nameplates are suffering from the bloating that happened at the release of Cataclysm. When I engage more than two mobs the nameplates bloat to 3-4 times their original size. Im using the latest version. edit* I shamelessly stole SetCVar("bloatthreat", 0) SetCVar("bloattest", 0) SetCVar("bloatnameplates", 0) f...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-27-11
Stuf Global Settings: Check the box...
Posted By: Alenari
Stuf Global Settings: Check the box "Disable Default Boss Frames" That'll fix it for you. Originally posted by Spiritfire I'm still getting the bossframe error issue I listed earlier. same exact error. (EDIT) I've just disabled every addon I have except for stuf and this is the error I get when trying to access the Boss 1 s...
File: xCT04-25-11
Originally posted by WaldoJeffers...
Posted By: Alenari
Originally posted by WaldoJeffers Hey great addon!! just wondering how i can disable the floating combat text frame. Thanks answer was on page 3, although they were discussing healing frame. xCT3:Hide() add that to the bottom of xct.lua
File: Mono UI04-17-11
Bug in Mailget.
Posted By: Alenari
If the TakeAll button is pressed the Mail icon doesn't disappear. However, if mail is taken manually the icon vanishes. *edit This only happens if no mail is selected before pressing the Take All button.
File: Aptechka03-18-11
Health deficit coloring.
Posted By: Alenari
I've been trying to change the color of health deficit. Looked at the older posts and found : config.HealthDificitStatus = { name = "HPD", assignto = { "healthtext" }, healthtext = true, classcolor = true, priority = 80 } and tried that but with no change. It's still green. How would I go about changing it to classcolored....
File: Aptechka03-16-11
Changing group direction
Posted By: Alenari
Is there any way to get the groups to grow downwards ? Grp1 Grp2 etc. Tried to change this around but the groups refused to move config.groupGrowth = "TOP" config.groupGrowth = "BOTTOM" yielded the same result *TY the unlockall worked wonders
File: Aptechka12-02-10
Thank you, got it to work finally....
Posted By: Alenari
Thank you, got it to work finally. I forgot to change in config.lua Originally posted by d87 there's a default horizontal skin (located at the bottom of frame.lua) iirc it's called "GridSkinHorizontal"
File: Aptechka12-02-10
Horizontal layout
Posted By: Alenari
I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the layout Horizontal. Any tips would be wonderful. Got it horizontal by editing the frame.lua but I'm sure there's a better way :)
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-26-10
Bloated Cast bar
Posted By: Alenari
Just noticed that in 4.0.3a the castbars on bosses get slightly offcenter and bloats almost covering the entire mob.
File: m_ActionBars11-21-10
Hide Button Grid
Posted By: Alenari
Is there anyway you can add this? Even with the "Always Show Actionbats" unchecked the grid remains visible. *edit Oups, should have mentioned that it's the other bars I was thinking about.
File: m_ActionBars11-07-10
Originally posted by ovidiuflaviu...
Posted By: Alenari
Originally posted by ovidiuflaviu Tested with the turrets in Storm Peaks: Valkyrion, leave vehicle button appears in the main bar at the 8'th position. Pushing it manually with mouse click or using the key bind wont make me exit the vehicle. Had to use the /run VehicleExit(). Anyone else experiencing this ? PS: Using the addon on...
File: m_ActionBars10-30-10
Possible Exit Vehicle bug
Posted By: Alenari
I tried the gun turrets in Jotumheim, and when entering the turret the Exit vehicle button shows up at position 8 in the main action bar, but nothing happens when I try pressing it to exit the vehicle. I have to right click the turret to properly leave it. *edit, pressing the button ie. 8 on the keyboard doesn't work, however, pre...