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File: DoubleWide05-31-08
a possible fix
Posted By: wcoffey
this is an off-the-wall fix. i went looking for a different mod to take the place of doublewide. i downloaded one called "bayi's questlog" or something very close to that. i hated the way it looked so i un-installed it. when i restarted the game doublewide/lightheaded now looks and works fine. why??? i can't tell you, i'm not a so...
File: DoubleWide05-29-08
Re: Quest title list overflows frame
Posted By: wcoffey
i am also having the same issue. the quests extend way below the window and no scroll function. my problems started with the last patch day, which should be about 5-20-08 Originally posted by Figgs I've got a problem using this, I think it started since 2.4 update, and has persisted with current version of DoubleWide....