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File: Talent Planner Revised02-01-11
Originally posted by Squishy Tia...
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Originally posted by Squishy Tia I don't suppose this addon is slated to be updated for Cataclysm, is it? I miss its functionality and being stuck with Blizzard's half-baked version, I can't fully plan out a route for talents, but instead only "up to my current level", which sucks. Hello. I'm sorry, I'm currently out of the ga...
File: rActionBar11-25-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Troubles with ruRU locale
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Originally posted by zork ichik is correct on this. rABS does not affect the buttons at all, only thing could be an overlay of different clickable frames. And that's exactly what was happening: rABS_MultiBarLeft was overlaying frames, preventing them to be pressed. Thank you very much for clarification. P.S. ichik, sorry, dud...
File: rActionBar11-24-10
Re: Re: Troubles with ruRU locale
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Originally posted by ichik This has nothing to do with rABS imho. Main life's concept: do not assume anything until you have some proofs for your theory. I surely did check it up and (surprisingly) turning off rActionBar makes those buttons work like charm. Why would I write anything here if I really had no idea whether it's rAct...
File: rActionBar11-24-10
Troubles with ruRU locale
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Hello. Quest items' buttons, located at the default quest list on the right side of the screen is not working in ruRU locale. enUS gives me no troubles but ruRU is definitely broken. Could you look into this issue, please?
File: Talent Planner Revised05-19-10
Originally posted by Slaxi81 Hell...
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Originally posted by Slaxi81 Hello, had no bug since but thank you for the info. Is there a way i can change the web data to show me the german talent infos? Not at the moment, sorry. I'm looking way to implement such feature, but not just yet.
File: Talent Planner Revised05-18-10
Originally posted by Slaxi81 Than...
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Originally posted by Slaxi81 Thank you, very nice mod. Small an "out of Crap" : ) Have a nice Day Slaxi Very kind of you, thanks :) By the way, check out new version, it could fix old problem.
File: Swindler Preventer12-28-09
Originally posted by dwex DongleS...
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Originally posted by dwex DongleStub.lua needs to be before Dongle.lua in the .toc file Fixed. Many thanks.
File: Swindler Preventer12-28-09
Hello. 1x SwindlerPreventer-3.3\...
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Hello. 1x SwindlerPreventer-3.3\SwindlerPreventer.lua:813: Cannot find a library with name 'Dongle-1.2' SwindlerPreventer-3.3\DongleStub.lua:17: in function `DongleStub' SwindlerPreventer-3.3\SwindlerPreventer.lua:813: in main chunk Locals: t = { GetVersion = @ SwindlerPreventer\DongleStub.lua:108: IsN...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!11-30-09
Background color
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Hi! Trying to change background color getting this one: 1x :"InterfaceOptionsNeedToKnowPanelBackgroundColorButton:OnClick":1: attempt to call field 'ChooseColor' (a nil value) Locals: --- Any idea what can cause this? Thank you!
File: SaneLFG (fine tuning for the LFG window)10-25-09
Originally posted by Coren It wou...
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Originally posted by Coren It would lose its impact though when I get to add that LFG drops locked-out instances, which is planned for the near future. Thank you for added option, really nice of you to add it. If having locked out LFG will just kick you out of LFG completely - this option will, indeed, become obsolete.
File: SaneLFG (fine tuning for the LFG window)10-19-09
Re: Re: NeverLFG option? :)
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Originally posted by British I just have to make sure that I'm not in LFG for an instance when I log out... Well, this is a certain possibility, but firstly, circumstances are not always up to remembering LFGs and secondly, I'm not sure that keeping same LFG between sessions is nice idea at all due to alot of reasons. I know this...
File: SaneLFG (fine tuning for the LFG window)10-16-09
NeverLFG option? :)
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Hi! Great addon, thanks alot! Only one thing is bothering me: very rarely, if ever, I wanted to LFG same instance (if LFG at all) I had before logging off. So when I login, I keep forgetting that I had some LFG on and keep getting whispers and invitation, which is a bit frustrating. Could you, please, add an option (a checkbox or...
File: Bartender408-28-09
For a long time (I have no idea whe...
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For a long time (I have no idea when it started) I have a bug with Blizzard XP bar. 2 of 3 my characters are having this original XP bar at the original location (third one is not, despite default profile for everyone) plus, when I'm having an item link where original Blizzard action bar should be located, I cannot review or use this...
File: teksLoot08-19-09
Re: Re: teksLoot's on-screen location
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OMG, it never occured to me, feeling stupid -_- Thank you kindly!
File: teksLoot08-17-09
teksLoot's on-screen location
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Hi! I was browsing comments but didn't anything related to my problem. Is there a way to move teksLoot frame? I suppose it's current placement is drycoded, but I can't find right code part in teksLoot.lua. I have 1680x1050 screen resolution, using Btex for the looks and space optimization. I already made roll frames grow upwards (...
File: QuestGuru08-08-09
Try to delete all QuestGuru-related...
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Try to delete all QuestGuru-related files in your WTF folder.
File: Minimap Button Frame10-21-08
Hi! Thank you for the nice addon...
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Hi! Thank you for the nice addon, started using it and can't stop :) Today was experimenting with simpleMinimap http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/simple-minimap.aspx, it's option to show/hide minimap button and realised it's having issue with MBF. === MBF : Error Removing Invisible Button from Storage. : GameTi...
File: CowTip 3.009-04-08
Hi! How can I change tooltip's f...
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Hi! How can I change tooltip's font into another font, apart from 4 WoW stardart ones? Is this, actually, possible?
File: Clique09-03-08
AlexL, are you using http://www.wow...
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AlexL, are you using http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9511-CondensedSpellBook.html? If so - clear your Clique variable, start WoW, switch to regular view, create profile anew. It will work.
File: Auctioneer07-10-08
Greetings! All right, I got the...
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Greetings! All right, I got the problem localized. This is not Auctioneer's bug, this is a Librarian's bug. Librarian is an info tracking addon, could find it only at http://wowui.worldofwar.net/?p=mod&m=4697. Author promised to fix it in 1.0.8, but 222 days passed siince then and nothing has been done. I disabled Librarian and Au...
File: Auctioneer07-03-08
Greetings! Was using rather old...
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Greetings! Was using rather old version up to now (2000-something) and was pretty happy about it. Today updated till 3164 and first thing I noticed was following problem... I'm opening Post Auctions tab, placing a good into the box and pressing "Refresh" button at the bottom. Before it was showing competitive prices for the sa...
File: Clique02-04-08
All right, I got the idea, thank yo...
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All right, I got the idea, thank you very much.
File: Clique02-03-08
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yo...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You seem to be confused. You told Clique to take over Right-Click, and so it does. If you want to be able to use the right-click popup menu, you're more than welcome to re-bind it to another click. For example: 1.) Open the Clique UI. 2.) Click the "Custom" button 3.) Select the "Menu" actio...
File: Clique02-02-08
I might be missing something, but i...
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I might be missing something, but is there an option do disable it without reloading UI or is there an option to temporarily suspend it without disabling? Example: Right-Click setup to be Renew. Everytime I want to Inspect somebody - I cast Renew. And I should be able to pulldown Right-Click menu no matter I'm fighting, sitting, s...
File: Skillet11-19-07
Slow work?
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Hi! I'm curious - does anybody experiencing tiny lags with any Skillet GUI action? Every button pressed - and about 0.5 second lag popping up. Only Skillet GUI, not WoW client itself. Can be easily detected by adding several crafts in queue by fast clicking. Never experienced in ATSW. It's not really a complain, it's a thing I...