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File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)01-19-10
I'm very grateful to anyone who kee...
Posted By: terafina
I'm very grateful to anyone who keeps this going- it's so simple to use and set up for both my warlock and pala, can't comment on any others ;p Thank you *hugs*:)
File: BarKeep_ButtonFacade10-14-09
ButtonFacade not accessible in-game
Posted By: terafina
Just wondering what the situation is with this one as it never seems to load for me? I get on fine without it but I'm curious! :)
File: BarKeep10-14-09
Mind Control?
Posted By: terafina
I've been loving Barkeep for my warlock and paladin - still needing to run out and in of toc5 to retrieve main bar but that's not troublesome. However, on the priest I'm levelling I can't use Mind Control and I don't know if anyone else has reported it? It cancels after about 5 seconds (checked with Blizz bars and works fine),...
File: BarKeep07-27-09
In praise of Barkeep!
Posted By: terafina
Just for anyone who hasn't tried this addon and doesn't want to have to read through the small 'hiccups' to find an opinion on Barkeep. It's very very easy to set up and change The buttons/bars can be arranged/resized to give you tons of space for your other necessities (it took me a while to find out that my Blizz chat box/es...
File: HealBot Continued11-05-08
2 skin tabs - blank area to left of Healbot bars
Posted By: terafina
I love Healbot :) Only 1 small query - On the Healbot panel I now have a 'blank' area to the left side of my player bars - a guild friend told me to set skin to Raid then Group then Normal (or some order which I now forget :P). It worked once but since then every time I play I have this blank space, and his tip doesn't work. I...
File: DoTimer10-05-08
bug with updated dotimer
Posted By: terafina
Hi there, Just downloaded it today, am constantly getting this message: Interface\Addons\DoTimer\DoTimer\core.lua:305: attempt to call global UnitAura (a nil value) Also timers not showing for my dots, although cooldowns seem to work. (but tryin to cancel hearthstone cd brought up same message and I couldn't block it)...
File: BarKeep10-02-08
experience bar lost
Posted By: terafina
Hi, I have 2 lvl 70's and after trying a few other UI mods have just downloaded this great addon. (I am really hoping you can keep it going for wotlk!) I love it, so easy to set up and clears a load of space - my only question is that my xp bar has disappeared on my lvl 37 - Can I get it back? Cheers :)
File: SimpleCoordinates05-17-08
great little addon still
Posted By: terafina
I love this, so simple as the name suggests :) Works fine with Atlas which doesn't seem to render this one redundant because with Atlas I can only see the co-ordinates for my current location on world map (of course it may be I've missed something....) :cool: