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File: Swindler Preventer04-24-18
AddOn Life
Posted By: sraray
So, is this AddOn dead? It has been a great AddOn in the past.
File: Ackis Recipe List09-15-16
Master Download
Posted By: sraray
This is a good AddOn, but I will not be using it any longer since there is not a master download and I do not want to download each individually, also, I am not a fan of that minion. Thank you for all your hard work and seriously, great addon...especially now since Blizzard really messed up their Tradeskill windows.
File: PallyPower06-10-14
Re: Re: Request:
Posted By: sraray
There are plenty of customization options for PallyPower UI. To make buttons semi-transparent, try to change the button color and transparency. For borders I'm not sure what exact texture Skinner uses, so you may need to install SharedMedia addon to get some extras. Is this addon going to receive an update? I still use it today an...
File: QuestHelper07-31-12
I've posted an update to the addon....
Posted By: sraray
I've posted an update to the addon. There's been development, but I've been holding out for a version with an updated database, which we still don't have, but I figure I should still try to keep you folks somewhat up to date. Any chance this will be updated for MoP or is this addon being let go?
File: Loremaster07-31-12
Re: Re: Good to see someone beat me to it!
Posted By: sraray
Is this project dead? It's not dead, it is only updated on Curse; for some unknown reason. Anyone know of a better addon that is up to date?
File: Auctioneer12-04-11
I will download it now :)
Posted By: sraray
THANK YOU...THank You....thank you! So the latest beta seems to work! No errors, and no weird visual glitches. Thank you!
File: Auctioneer12-01-11
Thank You
Posted By: sraray
I can't stand how it is without this addon :)
File: Gatherer12-20-10
Posted By: sraray
Please find a way to add Archeology, otherwise I still love this addon.
File: PlayerScore / GearScore12-20-10
Posted By: sraray
I am not trying to post a negative comment, just constructive criticism. First off, outstanding work that you do for FREE unless people want to donate (HINT HINT) but otherwise, I will not be using this new rendition of Gearscore/Playerscore. I feel that it is to much info and I don't feel like it is giving me the info I am seeking...
File: Auctioneer10-17-10
Just a User
Posted By: sraray
Thank you for all your hard work on your addons...they are great. For those that can afford to, it would be nice to donate to those that work hard for our addiction. HINT HINT I understand it this post gets deleted, felt I had to say something after reading all the flack you have been getting.
File: Recipe Book10-17-10
Stay Add-On Stay
Posted By: sraray
If you really like and addon and want it to stay and get updated then you should donate. The reason most of these programmers quit working on addons is they HAD to get a job. Please Donate.
File: Faceroller10-17-10
Posted By: sraray
hopefully Faceroller and the Modules can be updated for 4.0
File: EasyMail from Cosmos07-07-10
Re: Re: hi
Posted By: sraray
Originally posted by yarko I don't even know how such a thing could happen. Does it do this if my add-on is the only one loaded? This happens to me as well. I disabled all my addons but this one and sure enough it happens, I think it has something to do with Blizzard's auctions that turn gray. This doesn't bother me...but I h...
File: Gatherer07-07-10
Gatherer and Cataclysm
Posted By: sraray
Is gatherer getting updated for Cataclysm and if someone wanted to volunteer to help and learn where would that person go to sign up? I posted on both this site and curse site :)
File: Recipe Radar07-07-10
Dead or Alive?
Posted By: sraray
Is this addon done for or is the Author waiting for Cata? currently all the vendors are way off true location due to Blizzards new mapping system. Thanks to whoever can answer this :)
File: Aspected Again06-23-10
Bar Issues
Posted By: sraray
I'm having the same issues with my pet bar and aspect bar. Is there a fix to this or is this addon dead?