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File: mbXtremeUI 5.010-09-13
I love the UI and have customised m...
Posted By: physius
I love the UI and have customised most of it already for 1920x1200. I can't figure out how to set the positions for the buffs and debuffs. What addon is that, and how do I configure it? EDIT: found it, it's Bison. /bison will configure
File: Rosoaa's UI03-25-08
Posted By: physius
Hey Rosoaa, first of all, GREAT UI, im loving it, but today as of 3.25.08, patch 2.4 has been released. I updated everything in the mod list you provided, and when i logged in, mostly every addon was misplaced, and the settings werent to how you had it (which i loved, except for the font) Is there any chance that you can fix this, s...