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File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)07-08-09
Re: ATS Levels & Recipe Radar
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Originally posted by DraconisNoir I love your mod. I have been looking for this type of mod and all the others I have found are rather big and bulky. My only problem is I use Recipe Radar alot. (I'm a crafting junkie. :D) This mod doesn't work with RR. It causes RR to show all the recipes I already have instead of only the one...
File: Armory06-16-09
Guild Bank?
Posted By: psycomonkee
Is it possable to have the guild bank addon to be displayed in another tab of the invintory screen, or would the require completly rewriting the two pieces to be done?
File: Recipe Radar06-11-09
and since that uther guy is a real...
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and since that uther guy is a real jerk, i'll respond in a more civil manner Originally posted by Benuz jesus christ what makes this addon 6MB ??! it's all the maps that recipie radar uses, every zone has it's own individual map that the addon uses, it's possable to have this done in a different manner using already in game reso...
File: Recipe Radar06-11-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: small conflict
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Yet again, it's YOUR LOCAL SAVED VARIABLE, not something that is included in RecipeRadar code. I still correct, you're an idiot, it is recipie radar that creates those LOCAL SAVED VARIABLEs, therefore it is a problem with recipie radar. apparently you don't know how to code as well as you think, o...
File: Recipe Radar05-31-09
Re: Re: small conflict
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon RecipeRadar do not have recipe/spell names database at all. (aside from known few links from items to spells, and even then they are done by ID and only because spell name and teaching item name has drastically different names/meanings) It solely relies on yout client localization to understand what...
File: Recipe Radar05-30-09
small conflict
Posted By: psycomonkee
There's a conflict with the plugin, Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels, since this addon, uses names to determine if a player knows a recipie, it doesn't recognize when a character has a recipie who's name is mdified. any suggestions to fix this, maybe like reading recipie ID's instead?
File: QuestClicks05-21-09
Originally posted by ffxiedyn the...
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Originally posted by ffxiedyn the option to show/not show quest starter items is on by default, yet when i turn it off, then reload/relog, it is back on again. there are a couple functions that are specifically setting these on at load, if you want to prevent this search for the line if not QuestClicksProfile.Padding then Qu...
File: Omen Threat Meter12-04-08
Originally posted by Psychophan7...
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Originally posted by Psychophan7 Can the threat window be made (optionally) so you can click "through" it in combat? If possible could it also be made to always be at the highest strata, I would like if when in combat omen completely coved up the default world PvP window, right now the PvP window shows on top of omen, and i kno...
File: SmartBuff11-09-08
is it possible to add targetable it...
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is it possible to add targetable item buffs, other than the weapon ones? I would like to be able to make it a bit easier to use the buffs from the power crystal items in Un'Goro Crater, on my pet.