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File: Gatherer09-26-12
Not remembering herbs from Wandering Isle
Posted By: dogvetusa
after taking the freakishly long time trying to find the profession trainer (Elder Oakpaw in Mandori Village south of Temple of Five Dawns) on the Wandering Isle, I set off on my journey to fill my node database with all the lovely nodes on the Island Turtle, both the mining and herbalism nodes. To my dismay my journal seemed to be...
File: oUF_Freeb08-30-12
5.0.4 compatable?
Posted By: dogvetusa
Will this unit frame addon be updated for 5.0.4? I use both this and freebgrid (which I love even more than grid) and was just wondering if I need to seek out another unit frame addon. also, no matter what, awesome addons.
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant09-12-11
change of character = addon death.
Posted By: dogvetusa
Version : 1.8.6 V this with some error snippets following. Originally posted by Raventis ...The minimap icon does not show (nor any part of the Archy interface)... ... ...it worked with the same addon set on another character... ...something seriously wrong with the options on this character. With only this addon running, th...
File: TradeTrak02-07-11
nice addon, doesn't fit with what I...
Posted By: dogvetusa
nice addon, doesn't fit with what I was expecting but still usable. As for what I was looking for, fields labeled "level range" made me think that it would sort by required level of completed item and not the Skill Range needed to make the recipe.
File: Combuctor01-27-11
heirloom/artifact support
Posted By: dogvetusa
I saw (via google) that you were thinking (or at least commented on) heirloom quality filtering (you said through the legendary button) Just wondering if you were going to think about implementing something like that still cause that is the only thing I find this addon lacking imo. *edited to add: oh, and soul shards are limit...
File: Combuctor12-11-09
Posted By: dogvetusa
I find this addon the most appealing as well as the most useful. Just wondering though, is there a way to sort by heirloom as well, never seen a legendary (at least in my possession), and I use the poor quality filter all the time (truely, all the time) but have many heirlooms and would like to be able to show only those some time...
File: InspectEquip11-24-09
Gubbar Sez: I like this addon alot...
Posted By: dogvetusa
Gubbar Sez: I like this addon alot, but I would like it even more if you could add an option to disable the info box at the inspect window for all players, not just your own. Hope you could add this when you got time and thanks for a great addon Author Sez: Thanks! I'll add an option for that in the next version. having the...