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File: FreeUI.Fluffy11-09-15
I would also like to know how to ge...
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I would also like to know how to get the same nameplates as depicted in the screenshots. Currently all I have are the default blizzard nameplates. I love this UI! I just need the nameplates :D I have tried the UI with and without MiirGui textures. EDIT: Ok so in the screenshots, he's using Kuinameplates addon.
File: KaitUI10-25-15
Hey! I love your UI but I want to u...
Posted By: metarra
Hey! I love your UI but I want to use the blizzard default raid frames. I turn off Grid but I think you have something that turns off blizzard's raid frames. How can I stop the raid frames being hidden?
File: KaitUI03-25-15
Thank you Kait! I just had to set a...
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Thank you Kait! I just had to set a specialization for some of the WA stuff. You have great UIs, thank you.
File: KaitUI03-24-15
http://i.imgur.com/QP95VVx.jpg Wha...
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http://i.imgur.com/QP95VVx.jpg What are the lines over the grid frames? I'm a resto druid in that screenshot. Those lines also show up on my priest, but they are between the player and target frame and not ontop of grid. Is there a way to move or hide those lines? http://i.imgur.com/jpVDmiv.jpg This is what the bar looks like with...
File: MayronUI Gen5 (BETA)04-04-14
Hello! I love your UI. And I have a...
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Hello! I love your UI. And I have a few issues that maybe you could help me with. I play a warrior. I am not seeing damage done in combat text, only heals. Also in raids, not only is there the grid raid but the default UI raid frame is showing. How do I hide the default raid frame and make the combat text show damage done?
File: Altz UI for Legion11-28-13
Missing action bars
Posted By: metarra
Hello! I love your UI but I'm having an issue: The main action bar only has one row, or one bar. There is no bar2 showing up for me, below or above bar1. Also the multi-action bar and right multi-action bars are not showing. They do not show when I mouse over them or when I try to drag abilities to where they're supposed to be. I...
File: RealUI12-02-11
Re: Re: Thank You
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Dear Nib, Maybe if I read a dozen books on Lua and start out with a Tukui base it... might... get... there... /sob B) All the best for your future Nib :D I don't like Tuk :( and the reason I tried RealUI at first was because everyone based their UI off Tuk's! Now I've learned to play with a minimal UI that has all the informat...
File: RealUI12-01-11
Because of RealUI, I love DXE so mu...
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Because of RealUI, I love DXE so much more than DBM! RealUI is mostly functional for me after 4.3 launch except for the boss mods, tracking, and blizzard changed their frames or something 'cause I don't have Nib's pretty frames. I still love my unit frames of course, they're perfect! I thank you for any updates you make, Nib.
File: RealUI11-09-11
I'm having problems downloading the...
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I'm having problems downloading the 7.1 version from here. It doesn't download everything. When opening the .rar file I get: ! C:\Users\Name\Desktop\RealUI_71_r4b.zip: Unexpected end of archive All the versions vailable in the archived files download just fine.
File: oUF_Nivaya12-01-10
I see the options to change all the...
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I see the options to change all the frame positions except for the player. How do I change the player frame position? I have not found the setting.