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File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-03-08
Hey Zek, just wanted to bump a ques...
Posted By: Swass02
Hey Zek, just wanted to bump a question from before about the combo points (the number ones) box bigger (or that it can be resized option.) Just a small request. :D Keep up the great work! http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/icons/icon13.gif
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-27-08
First, I got to say XPerl is the be...
Posted By: Swass02
First, I got to say XPerl is the best unitframe addon. Tried the rest, yours the best. Thanks for fixing the talent problem part. Got to where I was used to it. :) Question I have is my druidbar isn't updating while in feral forms. The latest update for Druidbar is Nov of 2007. And ideas? One more thing, is there a way to make...
File: ShardAce12-06-07
Other than the minimap
Posted By: Swass02
Would you make it movable, not just on the minimap? I like the style and look and right now, it does mostly what is great but anyway to make it other than the minimap? It would be great to have this by my interface buttons. Also, anyway to make the shard status display bigger? Or scaleable? I guess I am wanting it to be like Ne...