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File: Auctioneer10-09-08
Originally posted by jinleileiking...
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Originally posted by jinleileiking as me, I only use Enhtootip Auc-classic Auc-Advanced Auc-scan those are enough to let me know which staff is valuable... You should probably have another stat loaded, as Auc-Stat-Classic doesn't gather any info from new scans. It only acts as an intermediary to AucClassic('Auctioneer')...
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta08-20-08
When moving from GetAppraiserValue...
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When moving from GetAppraiserValue to GetPrice, you used the function call sellPrice = AucAdvanced.Modules.Util.Appraiser.GetPrice(link, _, get("util.appraiser.match")) This passes the variable _ to a reserved input, which causes errors (mostly "CoreAPI.lua line 103:attempt to concatenate a function value" and "CoreAPI.lua line 318:...
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta03-21-08
New GetPrice() in Appraiser
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I've noticed that BigPicture uses AucAdvanced.API.GetAppraiserValue() I've just added the function AucAdvanced.Modules.Util.Appraiser.GetPrice(), which should be used instead. (please note that the arguments it takes and returns are slightly different)