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File: Titan Quests06-28-09
Posted By: trinkalou
I sent an email to u with the screenshot i took of what comes up on swatter for the lua error. Is there a fix coming for this soon?
File: QueTip06-21-09
Posted By: trinkalou
I just went to d/l the 2.1 file and was rather surprised to see that the file that i was to d/l says 2.0. Did the name forget to get updated or was the wrong file uploaded to the new update name?
File: BigWigs Bossmods04-17-09
a true update?
Posted By: trinkalou
Originally posted by funkydude 3.1 version with Ulduar models now released. FD, can you do me a big favor. I keep updating this mod for my son (his char is the raider so far) and I have to keep updating your update at each download. In the lib libraries almost every toc that is buried is at 30000...except the one in libstub of...
File: CustomEmotes11-18-08
click on the what?
Posted By: trinkalou
IN the info on this addy you say to click on the smiley face button...i d/l'ed it, I extracted it into my addons folder...I went into wow and NO smiley face button and no way to maybe enable it if it is disabled...any Idea on how to get the smiley face button to show up? Thanks
File: Armory11-18-08
Posted By: trinkalou
I haven't found any problems with how Armory handles my quest log...but then again...I don't use Lightheaded...so that may be the problem...hmmm
File: MoveAnything11-04-08
Posted By: trinkalou
I love having this addie back to working! The only small annoyance I have is that...ever since the bags were made movable again, every time i open or shut a bag...bank or otherwise...they jump...if I have 1 open it does a little hop...if I have 10 open they all hop up together and land back at same place as a unit...in other words......
File: MoveAnything10-23-08
talent tree
Posted By: trinkalou
I still can't move my talent tree. I click on it to move it in move anything and no greyness comes up...i opened talent tree and checked that box again and still can't get it to recognize my talent tree as existing to move.
File: AllPlayed10-18-08
allplayed's future
Posted By: trinkalou
Is there a chance that you will be adding back into allplayed the ability to work with titan in the future?
File: Fishing Ace!03-30-08
post 2.4
Posted By: trinkalou
I have installed this...updated the toc...and when i tried to use it on my lock, nothing happened...no button...no way to make this work...i turned on auto lure...nothing...i turned on auto loot and action...it did not find an action button to work as this says it will...i have about 15 buttons for it to choose but it didn't choose a...
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)12-07-07
Originally posted by YammY The pl...
Posted By: trinkalou
Originally posted by YammY The plugin start working right away, no start command needed : ) Maybe you didn't install at the right place, Is the folder inside INTERFACE \ ADDONS ? Or maybe it's not enabled in your addons list, check if it's showing there and it's enabled :) s I have it in my Interface/addons folder...un...