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File: SquawkAndAwe10-29-08
Very nice addon, I see it being ext...
Posted By: Munorion
Very nice addon, I see it being extremely useful. Not to mention that the name is great. I had a few of the following errors popping up when configuring it yesterday (movement of bars, activating/deactivating of bars). Most seem to be library conflicts of some sort: Interface\AddOns\SquawkAndAwe\SquawkAndAwe.lua:710: GetSpellIn...
File: Bongos201-16-08
Hi Tuller, with the latest versi...
Posted By: Munorion
Hi Tuller, with the latest version(s) of Bongos (obtained from your googlecode site), I've noticed that (at least on my system), the class bar is skinned differently from the rest of the action bars. An example of this can be seen here. Do you have any idea what would cause this?
File: Bongos212-11-07
Class bar + cyCircled
Posted By: Munorion
Hi, I'm having a slight problem with Bongos' class bar when using cyCircled to skin it. It looks a lot different from the other action bars (I think this started... 2? revisions back). In effect, it looks like there's a double border around the class bar (druid forms in my case), which unfortunatly turns out to be very ugly. D...