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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-30-13
World Map triggers ".... Has been blocked by Blizzards UI " error
Posted By: utangmi
Everything works good...but the most recent Blizz update seemed to have messed up something. Now when opening the world map, I continually get ".... Has been blocked by Blizzards UI" error. I did a fresh install on my other account and the same happens. Hoping you can fix what Blizz broke. thanks.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-20-13
3.0.7 changes - questionable
Posted By: utangmi
Hey Mung...thanks for continuing to update...but... 1. why is castbar tied to powerbar now? And there is no way to detach castbar from unit frame? When in "move frame" mode, I see a separate castbar but it does not function as one in game. 2. Mouse over of powerbar shows reputation? odd...or is it just my config is messed up?...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-14-13
sooo glad you've updated this awesome UI
Posted By: utangmi there a way to get rid of the white background behind the minimap? it don't like being resized and is quite distracting. also the right chat needs to be able to be resized. :) thanks again for updating. still loving this UI!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-06-12
Re: Guess who?
Posted By: utangmi
Howdy howdy folks! Just gonna slip in here briefly to first say THANK YOU to everyone who has used SVUI since it's creation. Secondly I would like to apologize for being away for so long without posting replies. I have not forgotten you all, just got heavily sidetracked with other games and projects. I hope you are all doing well!...
File: ElvUI Lite12-01-11
you didn't have to...but many thanks
Posted By: utangmi
i think your version 3...even awesome. I'm using it and it works for most everything i need. and the parts that don't work...i can wait for. so totally a non-issue. keep up the fantastic work!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-15-11
Farewell Supervillain
Posted By: utangmi
it looks to me as if this UI will not be updated anymore. bummer. it was wonderful while it lasted. thank you to Mung and everyone who contributed.
File: InaUI 2.205-20-11
Messed up my WoW
Posted By: utangmi
I followed instructions installing this UI and it messed up WoW. I ended up having to Re-download about 1GB's worth of updates. What gives? And when it finally came up, everything was in Russion or something...i could not understand amything. What did I mess up? Or has this been known to happen? EDIT: I just read the p...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-09-11
i'm so hoping for an update soooon
Posted By: utangmi
i've had to abandon this as it is unplayable. i've had to move over to ElvUI. Not too bad but its not Supervillain. Mung please come back and update. WoW is a little less fun now.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)03-02-11
Seperate Castbar?
Posted By: utangmi
does anyone know if it is possible to detach the player castbar from the player unit frame? Can it also be enlarged?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-04-11
loving the newest update....
Posted By: utangmi
..but there are a couple of things not working correctly... 1. i can't seem to see anything when going into Mentalo state. just grey screen and nothing. i can't exit that mode unless i do a /rl. 2. the loot window keeps sticking to the cursor. I prefer to have the loot window located at a certain place and not under my curs...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-24-11
Castbar and Party frame options?
Posted By: utangmi
First off...loving the new UI look. absolutely amazing. but... is there a way to make the cast bar larger and centered? how can i change the party frames (non-grid) smaller? I tried using the scaling options but they shrink everything...i just want the party frames smaller. keep up the great work!
File: ElvUI11-07-10
Can't INSPECT someone
Posted By: utangmi
great problem...whenever i want to INSPECT someone, nothing happens. No window opens allowing me to see their gear. am i missing something or is there a special way to bring up the INSPECT window? all i'm doing is right clicking on their unit frame and clicking on INSPECT.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-03-10
buffs still huge
Posted By: utangmi
i'm running 2560x1600 resolution and my ui scales okay....i use 0.64...but the buffs are still HUGE. any way i can shrink them? also how do i change the raid frames so the show as a single list or just 2 lists instead of a few rows across?
File: Duffed UI v511-02-10
Inspect working?
Posted By: utangmi
not sure if anyone else is having this issue but nothing happens when i INSPECT someone. either in an instance or just chillin in Org. the inspect window will pop up sometimes but then nothing is shown for equipment.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-29-10
Re: Re: Action Bar and Scale?
Posted By: utangmi
Originally posted by Munglunch You can change settings by modding the defaults.lua file. Once this is done and you want to apply the changes you first use "/rl" to load the reload the changed lua files. Then use "/resetui" to update the saved variables. Now you should see your changes. This is a lot easier when the in-game config i...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-29-10
Action Bar and Scale?
Posted By: utangmi
fist off......WOOT! SVUI is back!! thank you thank you thank you. now.... :) .... i downloaded version 3.0 but how do i get 2 action bars on the right and set my UI Scale to the smallest possible ( i think its 0.64 )? I tried editing the default file in the core folder but it didn't re-scale the UI or get my 2nd action bar...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-26-10
Originally posted by Munglunch HO...
Posted By: utangmi
Originally posted by Munglunch HOLY CRAP!!! There are a lot of errors from patch 4.0.1! I worked all night on them and I am still not done. This is what I get for waiting too long to update my mods. Well I may have overstated the update availability guys (obviously I didn't upload anything yesterday) sorry about that. I am going to...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-22-10
Originally posted by Munglunch I...
Posted By: utangmi
Originally posted by Munglunch I can give you guys a 100% guarantee that SVUI will be making it to Cataclysm. After meeting up with my crew today (getting our Blizzcon tickets and swag* {where in the hell is our mount this year Blizz?}) I have total certainty that we will be playing again and in fact they are forcing me to update t...
File: Duffed UI v510-21-10
Originally posted by elmooncrack...
Posted By: utangmi
Originally posted by elmooncrack I can't seem to get the cast bar to appear. Any help. Using blizz UI if that helpful I'm having the same problem on my main machine...but when i play on my work machine, its fine. if you get a fix...let me know.
File: Duffed UI v510-17-10
can't see castbar and my shapeshift/totem bars
Posted By: utangmi
so i loaded your newest build and dumped my old WTF folder. i am not able to see my shapeshift/totem bars nor my castbar. I used /mss to move my totem bar but it does not show up still. Any ideas on what i'm missing? and thanks plenty for updating this UI. it is awesome.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-31-10
Re: Re: to disable?
Posted By: utangmi
Originally posted by Munglunch Ask and you shall receive! Actually i forgot to add the toggle to /svconfig for default bags. While I was at it I also re-skinned the default bags so they look a lot prettier now ;) ....update incoming..... Woot!! I'm so never changing my UI now! you rock!!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-31-10 to disable?
Posted By: utangmi
first off....fantastic UI. so loving it....but cargbags....blah. how can i get rid of it? just personal preference is all. still....keep this UI going!!
File: Duffed UI v506-23-10
using Beta...small issue...what is this?
Posted By: utangmi
I have a empty black bar across my character and am not sure what is causing it. any ideas?
File: Duffed UI v505-19-10
Issue when leaving vehicles
Posted By: utangmi
odd thing, when leaving a vehicle the default keybinds (1,2,3 etc...) do not work. Manually clicking on the icons on bar 1 is also not working. A /rl will fix the issue but really can't be doing that in the middle of gunship battle or WG. It was working fine until update 2.4.7. I was hoping the subsequent updates would fix it, b...
File: Quiet That Pup!04-12-10
Can you add the Mechano-hog noise?
Posted By: utangmi
can you make it so this add-in also mutes the Mechano-hog noises?