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File: Addon Control Panel11-29-11
Nicely, nicely done
Posted By: jimwebb9
No it's not perfect, but for addon gnerds like me it is utterly indispensible... That said, the ability to load/unload WTF data would definitely be the icing on the cake!
File: Wardrobe-AL01-10-09
That worked! Thank you. :banana:...
Posted By: jimwebb9
That worked! Thank you. :banana: Originally posted by Swizstera You may need to completely remove the Wardrobe directory from your addons directory and put a fresh copy of the zip there. Also, you can try removing (or renaming) the wardrobe.lua file in SavedVariables to see if that clears it up. I've seen these symptoms in t...
File: Wardrobe-AL12-23-08
I cannot get it to work- pulling up...
Posted By: jimwebb9
I cannot get it to work- pulling up the interface from the icon on the minimap I get a frame with no text, buttons with no legend. Is there an install trick I'm missing?:(
File: Wardrobe-AL10-25-08
When I try to add an outfit, I get...
Posted By: jimwebb9
When I try to add an outfit, I get the following error message: Interface/Addons/Wardrobe/Wardrobe.lua: 1023: Bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) - and the outfit is not saved. Also, interface problem- no buttons displayed in menu pane but clicking in the appropriate area works, and the buttons in the outfit cre...