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File: Duffed UI v505-18-11
Posted By: steste
Carbonite dont play nice with the mini map, may be report to http:www.tukui.org
File: GrimUI04-26-11
Druid Mana Bar
Posted By: steste
When I m in bear or cat i get a small tab way above my toon's bar can this be fixed it looks like a bug with the addon. I know it is my druid mana bar my add it to the other bars or just get rid of it.
File: GrimUI03-08-11
Posted By: steste
I was just wondering if it is a way to remove all the info buttons on the right side dashboard
File: CalaiUI10-22-10
Originally posted by StormCalai T...
Posted By: steste
Originally posted by StormCalai That is wmarkup used for target marking when you are a raid leader or party leader. If you type /wmarkup it will open the config panel. It looks like the settings didn't save, which doesn't surprise me as wmarkup has a horrible savedvariables setup. I'm looking into fixing that since the Author doesn...
File: LUI v310-21-10
Stop posting about the update and let them work on it
Posted By: steste
LOUI And LUI Board Support and Design I love your ui and I tried alot of ui's. But I think you ppl should take your time on the ui. Hell I would not even look at these post if I was you, not till it was done. But I can see if you are getting irritated of people posting about the update for your ui. Just keep the ui to your self/s....
File: LUI v310-15-10
Great job
Posted By: steste
Just want to to say THANK YOU and I cant wait to see the great Job you did with lui. Thank again
File: TomTom10-15-10
Quest Objectives
Posted By: steste
The quest ojective are not working correctly, well that is what I think may be I am missing something. I see and arrow on the mini map but no crazy arrow plus I have automatic quest ojective waypoint on and it just dont seem to be updateing to the arrow on the mini map or the crazey arrow please help
File: Stuffing07-25-10
buy a bank slot
Posted By: steste
I don't want to sound like a noob but how do I buy a bank slot, or do I have to disable this addon first.
File: AuldLangSyne06-25-10
Posted By: steste
http://www.wowace.com/addons/auldlangsyne/ Keeping it up to date
File: LUI v306-22-10
Auctionator addon
Posted By: steste
I use Auctionator, and some of my buttons don't show up right when I have the BUTTONS, CURSOR, and GLUE files installed. Just wondering if is possible to fix if not no big deal, just wanted to let you know.
File: LUI v306-12-10
Stat Block
Posted By: steste
What are you useing statblock for? and will it change anything if I would not use it I use bazooka for my data broker
File: nUI: Layout [Kodewulf]05-23-10
Help Help
Posted By: steste
How do you make this work? I tried it on carbon black and The D K one it doesn't work.
File: AuldLangSyne02-10-09
Titan Panel
Posted By: steste
Is it away to make this addon work with Titan Panel like it does with Fu Bar. So I can see my Friends List And Guild List too like Fu Bar does. Thanks Great Addon
File: Ion: Menu Bar11-13-08
Xp rep bar
Posted By: steste
Is anyone else's xp/rep bars moving up or down on them, when you reload ui or log out and back in again.
File: Tungsten: Carbide12-16-07
save profile
Posted By: steste
Maul is it possable to set a save and load a profile in trinity chat.?