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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-21-14
Posted By: nikkistyxs
:D I love your addon it is great thank you so much...
File: Creature Comforts06-11-11
button stops working when pet dies
Posted By: nikkistyxs
It seems to work fine. But when my pet dies the button changes to the revive button and does not work anymore. It does not change if you hold Ctrl or Shift and it will not revive pet. The only way i can fix it is to logout disable all addons login then logout and enable them again and login then it works ok again. It you have any...
File: Broker_HunterStableInfo02-13-11
titan panel addon?
Posted By: nikkistyxs
titan panel addon? please put in here that this titan panel addon i was trying to get this to work but I dont use tital panel. thanks.