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File: Afflicted305-01-09
how to set duration/cooldown besides sliding bars?
Posted By: kirÓ120389
I'm a rogue so I add Death and Decay and Flare to the list every time I set up afflicted. In the last version there was a textbox to type the duration and cooldown into and that was much easier than the sliding bar that I can not get to 15 or 20, it always jumps to 5,19,26 etc... and only these numbers. what i'm trying to say is t...
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-10-09
What're your X & Y of outgoing/incoming set at?
Posted By: kirÓ120389
;) I'm wondering what you all set your X/y at. also is -140, -165 140, -165 the default ?
File: DR Tracker01-25-09
gouge isn't being timed for my 80 rogue
Posted By: kirÓ120389
just thought i would mention that kidney shot / cheap shot are being timed but gouge isn't. Disorients is checked.
File: Spellbreak06-13-08
awesome addon... is there any way t...
Posted By: kirÓ120389
awesome addon... is there any way that I can edit the time shown for the combat text 1 to 2 more seconds?
File: Afflicted301-04-08
Blessing of Freedom's duration is 14 seconds.
Posted By: kirÓ120389
] = { id = "blessingofreedom", seconds = 16, icon = "Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_SealOfValor", type = "buff", }, should be ] = { id = "blessingofreedom", seconds = 14, icon = "Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_SealOfValor", type = "buff", }, Also how do I add psychic scream to spells.lua? I...