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File: eCastingBar11-01-10
Flight Timer Error
Posted By: wallyhartley
I just received the following error using eCastingbar. Flight was from Daleron to Schalizar Basin and the flight time was unknown at the time. Now bar will not disappear from screen. 1x eCastingBar\eOptions.lua:43: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) FlightMap-3.0-2\FlightMapTimes.lua:339: in function `FlightMapTimesRec...
File: AuldLangSyne10-25-10
Please update :)
Posted By: wallyhartley
Please update this add-on as soon as you get the tiime. I have been sad at the look of my friends list since the release of 4.0.1. I know there are many others out there that are missing this add-on as well. Thanks for your hard work on this great project.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch10-25-10
MetaHUD 7.6 revival
Posted By: wallyhartley
I am interested in trying to update the latest version of this add-on prior to 8.0 if this is at all possible. DHUD for 4.0 seems to be similar but is not quite the same. I had been updating MetaHUD version 7.6, for personal use, up until it broke with the release of 4.0.1. Anyway, if anyone has any advise on what to change to t...
File: AuldLangSyne10-19-10
I would like to offer encouragement...
Posted By: wallyhartley
I would like to offer encouragement as well. I miss the functionallity of this addon very much since the release of 4.0.1 Looking forward to a fix. Thanks for your efforts.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch10-16-10
DHUDfor4.0 is similar to this HUD d...
Posted By: wallyhartley
DHUDfor4.0 is similar to this HUD design and has been updated for 4.0.1. It appears stable and I have been using it for the last day or two. It is my understanding that the original MetaHud (prior to Nuckin continuing development) was a variation of DHUD. There are some minor differences but it closely resembles MetaHud (version...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider07-25-10
Re: Re: Different Alpha Based on Conditions?
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by xentaros Try /kong macro alpha .2 Authentication servers are down atm but I think that's all you need. Also I noticed the example on the front page for setting condition-specific alpha was wrong. Sorry if that was misleading. Thanks!! This worked like a charm. The only changes I made were to go to .5...
File: RepWatch07-22-10
Current Version Number
Posted By: wallyhartley
The current version listed for download is v 2.2, however the download buttom appears to actually download the latest Beta version (3.0.80) Is there a current v.2.2 or is the latest non-beta version still 2.1.16b? Thanks. Should this change be implimented in the current release? Great news indeed, here's a bug and fix f...
File: ChatBox07-21-10
I just tried this add-on and love t...
Posted By: wallyhartley
I just tried this add-on and love the ability ot hide the chat box during combat! With no other chat add-ons enabled it failed to hide the Chat Command and new Social button for me :( It also did not fade out the chat tabs. When I enabled my other chat add-on (ChatMod -- a slightly modified version) it would completely hide th...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider07-19-10
Different Alpha Based on Conditions?
Posted By: wallyhartley
I seem to be having trouble with the syntax to accomplish the following for an action bar: 1) Frame should be hidden usually 2) Frame should be hidden while in vehicle 3) Frame should be visible at 100% alpha on mouseover 4) Frame should be visible at 100% alpha when in combat 5) Frame should be visible at say 20% alpha while...
File: QuestHelper11-29-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Relocating Flight Timer
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut Yeah, I ended up stripping out a good deal of custom.lua and reorganizing things a little bit. Line 18 ought to be what he's looking for. Everything from line 59 and down is probably going to be deleted in a version or two. Yep, line 18 is the one. Thanks for the assist :)
File: QuestHelper11-27-09
Re: Relocating Flight Timer
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut There's a bug with using "/qh find" bare, without any parameters. It's fixed in the current beta version, but I'm only posting that on Curse at the moment. Use "/qh find murloc" and it'll find you a pile of murlocs. This probably doesn't help a whole lot, but the changes I made were likely mini...
File: QuestHelper11-26-09
Relocating Flight Timer
Posted By: wallyhartley
Just a quick question: I recently upgraded to the latest version of QuestHelper (1.2.7) and noticed an issue -- for me anyway. In past versions a kind soul here provided instructions on what line of code to modify to move the flight timer to a different location on the screen. I have been following these instructions for sever...
File: Prat 3.010-23-09
Chat Window Issues (probably settings)
Posted By: wallyhartley
Please help! I just installed the latest version of Prat 3.0 and everything was working fine. When I started to tweek the settings things seem to have come off the tracks. I began to get only one charactor's text at a time showing up. When I scroll back through the recent text only one charactor shows up at a time and sometim...
File: RS_ClassColors08-23-09
Installation Assistance for version 1.4 -- HELP!
Posted By: wallyhartley
OK, I've located a newer version of this addon at GitHub.com and downloaded it. http://github.com/RISCfuture/rs_classcolors/tree/master But I can mot get WoW to recognize the new version once its in the addon folder for the game. I've used WinRaR to extract the fils as usual but I can not get it to work. Any suggestions wou...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch08-05-09
Re: Both ToT and Threat text refuse to disappear.
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by michaelbrett37 I know the ToT issue is a well-known bug, but I'm also having issues with the threat text, in that it will not disappear even though the "Show threat" option is unchecked. Otherwise, thanks for the great addon. I have to second this. I use the ToT bar and have not had an issue with this b...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch07-04-09
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by Nuckin If that doesn't work on a fresh install of 7.6, then its definitely in the 8.0beta2 :p Any news on a potential release date for 8.0 :banana:
File: QuestHelper04-23-09
Re: Re: Possible Feature Request
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut No, no, and no . . . but they might be things I include a little later on, when I have a little more time to spend on conveniences :) 1.1, perhaps. Thank you for the future consideration. I love the new directional arrow!! I moved it lower to avoi my HUD and found the menu to lock it in place bu...
File: QuestHelper04-22-09
Possible Feature Request
Posted By: wallyhartley
Is it possible to: 1) Turn off the icons nest to the tracker? 2) Move them to the right side of the queest list? If not are these items you might consider including in veersion 1.0? Thanks.
File: QuestHelper02-14-09
Well, just to put in my vote on the...
Posted By: wallyhartley
Well, just to put in my vote on the proposed change, I do not turn these off and do rely on both the color and level displays showing on QH. Originally posted by ZorbaTHut QUESTION FOR EVERYONE WHO USES QUESTHELPER /qh tlevel /qh tqcol /qh tocol Does anyone ever turn any of these off? They're the display-level and displa...
File: FlightMap01-31-09
Re: Flight Timer Disable
Posted By: wallyhartley
The solution quoted below did not seem to work for me :( However, I have successfully disabled the Flight Timer by modifying line 265 in the FlightMapTimes.lua file. Original line: function FlightMapTimes_BeginFlight(duration, destination) Altered Line: -- function FlightMapTimes_BeginFlight(duration, destination) (added tw...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch01-20-09
Re: Re: Love it!
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by Nuckin I must also remind people there is a feature request section that is gathering dust. And the Bug report section is winding down, did i fix everything or are you guys just lazy? :p Well, since you mentioned it, I added a comment to bug id 5331 regarding the rune display. And I know you have not li...
File: FlightMap01-11-09
Originally posted by Hevanus Just...
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by Hevanus Just noticed that it shows flight timers as well even though I have them disabled in the options. Thanks for looking into it :) I have this problem as well. Is there an easy way to disable the code for just the Flight Timer Window and leave the rest of the addon fully functional...just until the opt...
File: QuestHelper01-06-09
Re: Re: Flight Timer Window
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut It is not. Sorry. I can add it to the long list of features, but right now I'm dealing with huge make-the-addon-keep-working issues, and this is comparatively low priority. If you could find someone to implement it I'd cheerfully merge the patch in, but until then, it probably ain't happening :)...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch01-06-09
Re: Re: Death Knight Rune Order
Posted By: wallyhartley
Originally posted by Nuckin Blizzard, for some reason, ordered their rune frame IDs from left to right as 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4. I didn't see any reason for keeping the order and in the interest of code simplicity, just made them sequential in MetaHud Intersting, well leave it to Blizzard :) Thanks again for all the time and eff...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch01-06-09
Death Knight Rune Order
Posted By: wallyhartley
I'm curious, the order of the runes (Blood, Unholy, Frost) next to the bars is differant from the order of the Blizzard runes (Blood, Frost, Unholy) at the character portrait. Was this intentional? And if so what was the reasoning?