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File: ElvUI Kkthnx (Old Layout)01-25-14
rare alert
Posted By: flur
Hey why do you Remove the rare alert? I like this more then "BR种种种种种种种种种种种种种种諱" -NPC Scan :D thanks for updating this layout =)
File: ElvUI Kkthnx01-24-14
<3 u! :eek::eek::eek::eek: Old l...
Posted By: flur
<3 u! :eek::eek::eek::eek: Old layout is working now. It was an issue I forgot to do.
File: ElvUI Kkthnx01-23-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Quest Tracker thingy
Posted By: flur
Sorry but i don't like the new Layout :( I will stay at the old one because it's damn SEXY! PLS KEEP IT UP-TO-DATE! pic is broken brah fixed V6.2 UPDATE - CHOICES....... I went back to pixel font. I just could not stand expressway all over the UI anymore....
File: Duffed UI v4 Patch: Extras07-17-10
hey duffed... irgendwie... hmm ^...
Posted By: flur
hey duffed... irgendwie... hmm ^^ sieht das ganze bei mir nicht wirklich richtig aus :D
File: oUF_Led206-29-10
Originally posted by hank Here it...
Posted By: flur
Originally posted by hank Here it is: can you reupload this pls?
File: oUF_Freeb06-27-10
hey Freeb, i need help to change...
Posted By: flur
hey Freeb, i need help to change little things on your layout :D This is what i want to change: - move castbar - change size of: Focus, Pet, TT - remove FoucsTarget - change the rows of debuff/buff (that it looks like this) can you help me pls =)? TY
File: bMinimap06-27-10
hey bloob =) a little question a...
Posted By: flur
hey bloob =) a little question again ;D is there any option to increase the displayed number of quest on the QuestTracker? bye
File: bMinimap05-24-10
hey ^^ i use your minimap .. but...
Posted By: flur
hey ^^ i use your minimap .. but i change little things (i hope this is ok) :D hmm but i don't can see the mail icon :( here the changes: - remove the LFG Icon Border MiniMapLFGFrameBorder:SetAlpha(0) - set the framelvl so you can see the icon ;) - remove the BG Icon Border MiniMapBattlefieldFrame:SetFrameLevel...
File: SquawkAndAwe04-16-09
yes! thank you!!! <3!!
Posted By: flur
yes! thank you!!! <3!!