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File: Ion Action Bars11-29-10
horde hauler
Posted By: Glowie
in silverpine there is a wagon that is possible for you to hitch a ride the guy running it is called horde hauler if i remember right. when i have macaroon installed i dont see any possibility to dismount that wagon. i have a working possession bar, pet bar, vehicle bar and i have enable blizz vehicle bar ticked but none of tho...
File: Ion Action Bars10-25-10
priest and chastise
Posted By: Glowie
not sure if this been reported as a priest you use chakra followed by PoH and that makes your chastise a aoe heal that you put on ground. i have put my spells in normal macaroon bars dragging them from the spell book to the bars. before patch i deleted my WTF and addon folder since i wanted to start fresh with all addons and al...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-27-10
making the auto buying of inks to work
Posted By: Glowie
i have found out how i with 100% no issues can make the auto buying of inks and parchment from the vendors to work. make up your craft list as you usually would to make glyphs. open up the parchment vendors window and click the buy reagents option at top. go back to your ATSW and in the list of what glyphs you are about to craft...
File: Ion Action Bars10-27-09
all i can say to this is a big...
Posted By: Glowie
all i can say to this is a big Thank you Maul from all of us who love macaroon
File: Ion Action Bars10-06-09
project mini map
Posted By: Glowie
hi maul and nice to hear from you and hope everything turns out well for my favorite addon writer. i tested your new mini map version but as with all mac users i found the problem of my ui turning in to ? so returned to the older version. i really like the idea of mini map being worked on and i used to have a addon that made me...
File: Ion Action Bars10-05-09
Re: Thanks, Maul; Mac issues
Posted By: Glowie
Originally posted by kittykatmax First, Maul, I am sad to hear you are leaving WoW. Your hard work on Macaroon has been greatly appreciated. I hope someone who knows lua takes up this addon, as I do not want to go back to Bartender after using Macaroon! Now for my problem, if anyone has a suggestion. I play WoW on both a PC...
File: MagnetButtons09-29-09
hi I use a button addon called m...
Posted By: Glowie
hi I use a button addon called macaroon but sadly its author has now decided to not keep updating it. the positive part is that he has given permission to any other addon creator to take up where he left. your button addon seems to be striving to give us users what macaroon does atm. maybe you could be helped to improve y...
File: Ion Action Bars04-24-09
Hi i have macaroon working and all...
Posted By: Glowie
Hi i have macaroon working and all is fine ( been using this addon since it was trinity and long before that and absolutely love it) still trying to understand and get my posses / vehicle/ pet bars working my question is on my priest i need the pet bar for my fiend and that one works fine then its the posses / vehicle are these...
File: Ion Action Bars01-22-09
YAY IT WORKS Here's a fix that m...
Posted By: Glowie
YAY IT WORKS Here's a fix that makes it work in 3.0.8: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12136-MacaroonbugfixpatchforcurrentPTRbuild3.0.8.html go to this page read the comments there this patch is what will make macaroon work again
File: Ion Action Bars10-21-08
To all frost mages
Posted By: Glowie
Have a question to all frost mages that uses macaroon or even if you dont. with our new talent we get a talent called brain freeze. this talent gives us a free fireball but to know you have it you need to spot the buff for it on your buff bar and it is in color very close to fingers of frost making it at times hard in fights to se...
File: Ion Action Bars10-20-08
Re: Re: polymorph
Posted By: Glowie
Originally posted by Maul The cast and xp/rep bars are treated just like buttons. For 1) type /mac edit then right-click the cast bar, then select the unit from the drop-down. 2) type /mac config and use button count to add more xp/rep bars to the same config bar or type /mac create xp to create a new xp config bar and add "...
File: Ion Action Bars10-19-08
Posted By: Glowie
HI and thx again for a wonderful addon i have now been able to get maacroon fully working with a pet bar for my priest i have a few things i wonder about. 1. i cant make a targets cast bar like i could before is it still possible to make that. 2. i tried making several xp/rep bars like i had before but cant find out how....
File: Ion Action Bars10-16-08
priest pet
Posted By: Glowie
got macaroon working good so far apart from the pet bar for my priest i did read the FAQ about pet bar and i believe i did it correct i have a bar that is called pet and its current binding none active state says pet current state is no pet ( as we all know priest pets live very short time ) i have changed all the buttons...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames09-11-08
Posted By: Glowie
Hi been using xperl as a healer for a long time and now also started to play a mage. What i have noticed is that on blizz default UI its much easier to see when and what spell a mob is casting. As we all know a mage can interrupt a cast but only if timed right. What i am wondering is if xperl has so castbar of target can me mad...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-18-08
Hi your addon is one of 2 addon...
Posted By: Glowie
Hi your addon is one of 2 addons that i always make sure i get as fast as possible after a patch. i wouldnt like to have to play without it thats how good it is. there is one thing i wonder if it be possible to do or add. when raiding as a healer you sometimes get a specific group of players to keep alive so not only 1 cla...