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File: Cyui v402-09-11
there are no icons on any frames at...
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there are no icons on any frames at all. I can see the "x" when the tanks marks a mob but only on the mob but nothing is showing up in on my target frame or ToT frame etc. Also does healcomm also extend to the grid set up. It works good on your player and target frames but not on the grid. Is that how it is?
File: Cyui v402-08-11
Very nice, thanks for reply. One l...
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Very nice, thanks for reply. One last thing where would the option be to see raid icons on the player bars. (ex. skull, x , sq.. etc) Thanks again
File: Cyui v402-07-11
the mss bar
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I have check the tukui forums where you say to check line 14 for the shapeshift bar edit. (In Tukui>actionbars>bartotem on line 14 edit TukuiActionBarBackground) Mines says that ("And change it to TukuiShiftBar ") but still just a black rectangle only shows. It does this for my rogue and druid. I do the command /mss and I can...
File: HL2WoW (1920x1080)01-14-11
Any more screenshots?
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I would like to see a raid shot or two if anyone is using it. I play holy priest, anyone out there heal with this ui? How is it? It looks really great. Thanks
File: Bati's UI01-05-10
Re: Re: Something changed
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Originally posted by Bati You lost Shared Media... did you select uninstall Healbot? Because for some reason those 2 are related, even Healbot is not in the pack. Please just delete Shared Media from wow/interface/addons and put there the Shared Media from my pack. It will all come back. I use Ruben for textures but you also m...
File: Bati's UI01-05-10
Something changed
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I updated something that changed the background of my unit frames I did NOT update the shared libary! The font oval all is smaller too.. What is the name of the background you used. http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/3643/wowscrnshot010410211756.th.jpg thanks
File: Bati's UI12-22-09
Great ui but a question
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What mod is auto accepting a party invite? Do you have a 25 man raid shot. I assume you keep grid on the right just like your ten man or does it look like squishadin screen shot. Thanks
File: ncUI12-04-09
Just tried this out..
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Great looking ui. It all installed config everything very nice. I have a couple of issues or questions 1. The chat text is all the way below the frame. Its goes all the way to the bottom of the screen and hides what looks like a data text for the money. I cant find a unlock so I assume it is just set a little low in the lua....
File: EventAlert08-09-09
Great Addon! 2 questions. Is ther...
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Great Addon! 2 questions. Is there a way to make the event icons be vertical instead of horizontal. and how do I add more sound options. It would be neat if I could set up a sound for event 1 and a different sound for event 2... so on. If not can I insert a small mp3 clip in a folder somewhere to have the option for more sound...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames01-06-09
Moving the center frame
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http://s.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw2912.jpg How do I move the frames above his healing touch cast bar. This frame is in the middle of my screen. i have looked and adjusted many slider bars in the options but I can figure out how to get rid of it or scale it any ideas *edit found it under all tab
File: HealBot Continued11-25-08
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I told my buddy about healbot. So far he loves, as do I. However when I walked him through the set up he has 8 available skins. I have only 4. We have same version right now My friend has skins like square.. etc. How can I get those also.