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File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu01-22-08
Arena support (and better looking icons)
Posted By: HÝradrim
Got into the code to add support for arenas: It displays an arena icon instead of the faction icon when queuing up and when inside an arena (a grayed out one for skirmishes). .rar containing the modified .lua (based on latest r57358) and the icons (other files left out): link (rClick -> save target as) Would be nice to see th...
File: SLCore01-14-08
I was looking for some way to set t...
Posted By: HÝradrim
I was looking for some way to set the Alpha (transparency) value of all the modules...Since I could find any in the options I thought I might aswell add one myself :) Would be nice if you could put this functionality into the next release of SLCore & Modules (for individual alpha values, which I haven't done as will show in the co...