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File: oUF_Metzerott06-26-09
Is it possible to remove the Party...
Posted By: Junnay
Is it possible to remove the Party Target frames altogether? doesn't fit into my UI... EDIT Also, is it possible to rotate the health and power bars? I would like to align them with the background texture of the UF.
File: MicroHUD06-26-09
Uh, no offence, but... This hud is...
Posted By: Junnay
Uh, no offence, but... This hud is basically the same as creating another set of unitframes in the center of the screen? Wouldn't this work better as a full-fledged unitframe mod?
File: TellMeWhen06-26-09
Water Elemental Freeze?
Posted By: Junnay
Is there any way to make TellMeWhen check if my Water Elemental's Freeze is usable? Entering "Freeze" as the name of the ability doesn't seem to work. I would love to use this, but unless I can get it to show every cooldown I need, I might just as well use my standard actionbars. =( EDIT Tellmewhen doesn't seem to track Cold Snap...