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File: Totemus04-14-08
I get An error
Posted By: kexas
One day after loging out and in i got this error: http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/8680/joaaafz7.th.jpg Don't get why this happens because everything was working just fine about a minute ago. Redownloading Totemus didn't help also. So, any suggestions? P.S.Don't mind about the mess with UI, i just cleared WTF folder, thought t...
File: AmmoGnome01-16-08
is there a slash command to bring u...
Posted By: kexas
is there a slash command to bring up menu list for ammo gnome?
File: SharedMedia-Blizzard01-13-08
Posted By: kexas
can u tell me where did u get those lions at your actionbar from? - they look cool!