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File: Zak UI v312-02-10
Bummer. I was hoping for a look mo...
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Bummer. I was hoping for a look more like your 2.0 which I absolutely adore and have costumized it for my needs and sofor kept updated. 3.0 is the opposite of what I want, but noneoftheless, good work.
File: Reflux05-22-10
Much better use of Reflux
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Just like many of you guys in here, I like to use UI packages and make my own adjustments. Problem is that it can be confusing and you easily forget where you made all your changeds in which addon. But I was struck by luck when I found this post on: http://huntsmanslodge.com/6538/a-few-notes-on-reflux.htm His explanation of ho...
File: LUI v2.0 - Zak Edition05-22-10
Not quite there yet..
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Hey Zak, great UI. But you might want to include reflux in your installation guide so people dont load everything manually and it still looks weird :) Had it not been for an answear in one of these posts I would never have guessed that I had to use reflux. - Make sure WoW is closed. - Delete your Interface and WTF folde...
File: Caith UI02-12-10
Remove sound!
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Omg, bear with me here, but im getting extremely annoyed by the worm sound: "Fatality" everytime my curser is hovering on another player or NPC. Where in gods name do i remove that sound? I've looked everywhere!!! /Thanks in advance