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File: Capping06-05-09
Colored Dots?
Posted By: Rynok
Possibly to do with the addon, Im not sure. In the screenshot of Capping it shows the players have class colored dots. Ingame, when I use Capping, the players are the normal yellow dots. Is there an option in Capping / Interface Options that lets me see them colored? Thanks
File: Frozen01-22-09
As of 3.0.8 this addon is broken.
Posted By: Rynok
As of 3.0.8 this addon is broken.
File: QuakeMage10-13-08
Originally posted by DasHurz It s...
Posted By: Rynok
Originally posted by DasHurz It seems I am the exact same author, who also posted his addon on curse... Haha I suspected either you stole it, or you are the same author. Its all good then.
File: QuakeMage10-09-08
It seems you stole this addon from...
Posted By: Rynok
It seems you stole this addon from curse...
File: FemaleAnnouncer08-09-08
Posted By: Rynok
Ah ok, cool addon, makes me feel like im playing Quake again =D Is it possible you could make an option, or just another addon using the male sounds? You know, the ORIGINAL sounds.
File: BattleWatch08-07-08
Re: neat
Posted By: Rynok
Originally posted by lilsparky i like it. it'd be nice to have some info for each event -- like the damage or healing done, whether it crit, etc. Yea, I also like the idea of viewing your combat visually. Adding to his request, you could put the damage done on top of the icon (the icons are big enough to fit four numbers)...
File: MouseOver08-05-08
Originally posted by Jinglehopper...
Posted By: Rynok
Originally posted by Jinglehopper Will this work with bar addons like Bongos? Bongos already has an option to hide frames unless on mouseover... Unlock the bars, right click on the bar you want to edit, and fiddle with the two opacity options.
File: Frozen07-23-08
Heh great
Posted By: Rynok
Heh this looks like an awesome idea! When AoE grinding, I always find my self wondering whether or not I have the time to take those few extra steps to get a full second Blizzard in. Also very useful in Battlegrounds, when I'm calculating how many Frostbolts I can get in before the Nova'ed warrior/rogue/palladin/druid charges me...
File: Pew07-23-08
Posted By: Rynok
Vegeta... what did the scouter say about his power level?!?!? :eek: ITS OVER NINE THOUUUUUSAND!!!! *crushes scouter*