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File: Masque: Cainyx (ButtonFacade: Cainyx)11-07-10
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Screenshot would be nice :D
File: OmniCC Beta11-03-10
1x OmniCC-4.0.beta6\timer.lua:129:...
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1x OmniCC-4.0.beta6\timer.lua:129: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'start' (a nil value) OmniCC-4.0.beta6\timer.lua:88: in function `Start' OmniCC-4.0.beta6\timer.lua:414: in function : in function `SetCooldown' Interface\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:705: in function `CompactUnitFrame_Uti...
File: MarkBar - Beta11-01-10
Plans for Beta1.0 RC1
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Beta1.0 RC1: add a ready check button to the toolbar add raid-world-marker buttons to the toolbar (colored flares) When comes out Beta1.0 RC1? Maybe tonight (utc) or tomorrow! PermaMark profiles are available for Beta1.0 RC1? No! They have a minor priority! What about the good old mark-descriptions? That will be availab...
File: MarkBar - Beta10-29-10
Originally posted by Tarran Love...
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Originally posted by Tarran Love the bar. It fits my UI perfectly. Just one thing I keep getting an error spam from it. MarkBar:F#@kUp2 It's a little annoying, and funny at the same time. :) Thats one of my debug messages :D Removed with the Alpha 2.3
File: MarkBar - Beta10-28-10
Originally posted by Vampyrate Is...
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Originally posted by Vampyrate Is the ready check protected? Would you be able to put a ready check button on the bar? Yes... in the next update ;)
File: MarkBar - Beta10-26-10
Originally posted by Miralen Down...
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Originally posted by Miralen Downloaded this and it looks very promising, I was curious if you planned to add the flare system to the frame? I am hoping that is an idea sitting on the sidelines for this addon as I am looking for a better raid managing frame than the one that blizzard currently has, something that would fit alot bet...
File: AI-Art Icons10-01-10
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I dont use AI-Art anymore, because i made my own design based on your files ;), but i love this project and this was my inspiration to create my very own ui. Thanks for that!
File: recRunes09-25-10
A litle bugreport...
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First of all I want to mention that this addon is just great! It is pretty small, looks good and more importantly, it works reliably. But unfortunately, it currently has a few minor bugs. For example, if I "show_ooc" set to false, but the bar appears at the beginning of a struggle, but once you lose control of his character, it di...
File: MarkBar INT07-20-10
Originally posted by Le This is...
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Originally posted by Le This is perfect for my UI, my only request is to be able to put the symbols in a certain order. For example I like Skull, Cross, Triangle to be the first 3 starting from left to right. Keep up the good work. 3.x will get a new layout and the icons are also redirected. But there will be no setting...
File: MarkBar INT07-14-10
3.x is comming in a few days/weeks
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Excuse that it took so long, but there were still many errors in the new version of MarkBar and there are currently a few minor errors in the assignment of targets, which I will remove up for publication. For the current version I have again revised the code a bit and the fixed group detection.
File: MarkBar INT12-24-09
Originally posted by ReverendD Gl...
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Originally posted by ReverendD Glad to see this updated. I would like to request a couple features though. First, allow the scale to be set smaller. Currently even dropped all the way down it is too big. Second, can you make it so we can remove the background/border? Those are the only two thongs I have run into with this...
File: MarkBar INT12-14-09
Re: Taint
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Originally posted by Xylan Trueheart Using the latest version here I get this taint message 8/26 00:21:52.522 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from MarkBar - MarkBar_MainFrame:Hide() 8/26 00:21:52.522 Interface\AddOns\MarkBar\MarkBar.lua:203 OnEvent() 8/26 00:21:52.522 MarkBar_MainFrame:OnEvent() Should...
File: MarkBar INT04-08-08
Re: Anyway to disable announce when setting marks?
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Originally posted by nogudnik At the start of a raid we often readjust which marks go to whom. Is there any way to display the announcement when marks are set and only have them announced when I click "Announce marks"? Yes! set "skip marks without assignment in announcement" true -----------------------------------------------...
File: Beast Training03-16-08
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great job!