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File: PvPSpec06-12-09
Can't believe someone actually thou...
Posted By: loladrunk
Can't believe someone actually thought of this! Love it,god knows how much rating I've lost just because I've forgot to switch back to resto on my shaman.Guess that won't happen again :D
File: Masque: Simple Square06-03-09
any chance for an update for 3.1 ?...
Posted By: loladrunk
any chance for an update for 3.1 ? thanks Would love this too!
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter06-03-09
Thanks for the addon!
Posted By: loladrunk
Blizzard just tells every one to "feel free to report as spam" which is fine for a bit but doing it 200+ times a week gets old very very fast & you get more P.O. /reporting it then actually seeing it, this addon does it for you plain and simple. ^This. Absolutely love this addon,out of ~35 addons I keep up all the time,this one i...
File: ItemRackStun04-22-09
Love it
Posted By: loladrunk
Just wanted to give my thanks,an awesome addition to ItemRack!
File: Need Moar Pylons01-22-09
For the lol's
Posted By: loladrunk
LoL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2-TgQJamu8
File: CC Tracker01-22-09
One of my fav's
Posted By: loladrunk
It's nice to see this addon is not getting forgotten,it's an awesome accessory for arenas :)
File: ShieldsUp11-09-08
Strange Problem
Posted By: loladrunk
I was checking out the comments and surprisingly haven't found anyone else with this issue but anyway,after downloading the latest version of this addon, I'm not getting the earth shield counter at all. The only counter I get is for the water shield,and that one's working just fine,but as I already said,the ES counter is missing....
File: InterruptBar04-30-08
Awesome mod
Posted By: loladrunk
I just wanted to thank you for this great mod.I tried Afflicted,since I see comments about it being a MUST for arenas,but at least from a healers perspective,this mod owns. Small,gives me the most basic information which i need the most,it's easy to configure,and it's useful.And i completely agree with the author,that this mod is...